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Feel the Freedom of Empowering Women with Uni K Wax Centers

And you thought a Brazilian Bikini wax felt liberating!? Uni K Wax Centers is thrilled to be spending two full-energized days with Miami’s media mavens and super successful entrepreneurs at the Empowered Woman Success Summit & Expo at the Miami Science Museum, 
3280 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL.

This really is Miami’s largest women’s business event and Uni K Wax Centers will be demonstrating the empowering feeling one has after receiving our all-natural, safe and affordable waxing services. Uni K will be treating the 700 plus Empowered Women guests to complimentary services and great prices on our pre and post body care products.

The Uni K Wax Body Collection is a face and body skincare collection created with the freshest natural and botanical ingredients to keep your skin in top condition in between waxing services.

Our Uni K Wax Body Collection includes our Ingrown Hair Roll on, Citrus Body Polish & Glo, Body Perfect Dry Oil Spray with orchid flower, Hand & Foot Glo, Ultimate Balm with green tea and cucumber and Sun-Pro for Face with SPF 30.

Dates/Times: May 19 & 20, 2011 doors open 9:00 am, sessions from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, VIP Drinks & Desserts Cocktail Party, hosted by BadassBusinessWomen.org, Absolut Vodka, and Wine Sisterhood on Thursday, May 19th, 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

The Summit III Theme is “Elevate Yourself,” designed to help all professional, ambitious women (entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate execs, solopreneurs, career-switchers & more are ALL welcome) elevate themselves beyond where they are today. The last summit drew over 700 smart, savvy women.

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Ocean Drive Magazine Rates Uni K Wax Centers Best of Brazilian Waxing

Out of all the possible spas, salons and waxing locations, Ocean Drive Magazine recommends Uni K Wax Centers as the number one problem solver for unwanted hair and the place to go for the best Brazilian Bikini wax in the May 2011 issue “Zen City – The Ocean Drive Guide to Vitality, Good Looks and A Tranquil Mind. Uni K Wax is among great company in this incredible directory of Miami’s best health and beauty experts.

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The Ultimate Brazilian Bikini Wax from Uni K Wax Centers

Uni K Wax has created a gentle, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hair that does not dry out the skin and will keep your Brazilian Bikini wax service looking beautiful in between services. About.com just gave it a four star review. Read more here.  Now, if you wax regularly with us you have a very slim chance of getting an ingrown. However, tight clothes, like leggings, stockings and jeans can cause ingrown hair problems. The logical explanation, tight clothing, like leggings, compress your hair against your body most of the time, and the chances of getting an ingrown hair increase.

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls back and starts growing back into the follicle, or a hair that fails to grow out of the follicle and stays embedded in the skin. An ingrown hair is usually just a minor irritation, but can be painful and unsightly. What’s more, if left untreated, ingrown hair can become infected.

Use our ingrown hair roll-on twice daily on the affected area to exfoliate the ingrown hair gently, which will be removed during your next waxing service with us.

Currently available online at www.unikwax.com Uni K Wax Centers 3 oz/$22.00

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