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Star Power Bikini Waxing and Products at Uni K!


Uni K Wax Center’s Ingrown Hair roll on is featured in the July 4th issue of Star Magazine as the skin smoother of the season.  About.com also gave our Ingrown Hair roll  this great review.

Uni K Wax has created a gentle, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hair that does not dry out the skin.  If you wax regularly with us you have a very slim chance of getting an ingrown. However, tight clothes, like leggings, stockings and jeans can cause ingrown hair problems. The logical explanation, tight clothing, like leggings, compress your hair against your body most of the time, and the chances of getting an ingrown hair increase.

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls back and starts growing back into the follicle, or a hair that fails to grow out of the follicle and stays embedded in the skin. An ingrown hair is usually just a minor irritation, but can be painful and unsightly. What’s more, if left untreated, ingrown hair can become infected.

Use our ingrown hair roll-on twice daily on the affected area to exfoliate the ingrown hair gently, which will be removed during your next waxing service with us.

Shop on line or purchase at Uni K Wax Centers 3 oz/$22.00.

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Uni K Celebrates Super Dads! June 19, 2011

Dad’s sure knows best about a lot of things, but you can help

him put his best face (and body) forward this Father’s Day,

June 19, 2011 with a gift certificate from Uni K Wax Centers

to enhance his features:

  • Turn his “man brow” into a boardroom power brow… polish up his act with our nose waxing services… take off ten year off his age with our ear waxing services
  • lift some of the weight and hair off his shoulders with Uni K’s superior shoulder waxing
  • improve his stroke and the look of his arms on the golf course with our amazing arm waxing services
  • have him looking his best pool side and on the beach with our chest waxing
  • show him how you have his back with our full, upper and lower back waxing services
  • give him a boost and a leg up on life with our full leg waxing packages
  • and have him strutting his stuff in his“sockless” sandals with our feet first toe waxing services.

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The Ultimate Waxing Services for Beautiful Brides-to-be

Vera Wang Spring/summer 2011

Your wedding day may be the most photographed day of your life, so it’s important to look and feel picture perfect.

Whether you have chosen a strapless, halter or capped sleeve dress and whether or not your dress is floor length or to the knee, our waxing services and packages will have your skin as smooth as silk from head-to-toe.

Uni K Wax Expert Tips for Looking Fabulous at the Altar

1. Schedule your waxing appointment a couple of days
before your actual wedding day
. Schedule during the early part of
the day if you can, when our Centers are a little quieter. Better yet,
give your bridal party a beauty boost and schedule your services
at the same time for a pre-day pampering get together.
Scheduling is simple with our online booking services at
2. Schedule one of our waxing packages, which combine our
most popular services to offer you a savings of about 10% on
Uni K Wax Centers offer a wide variety of packages that
combine full leg waxing with underarms and bikini waxing for fast
and easy hair-free skin.

3. Consider having your arms waxed for the smoothest skin
Our customers have told us that waxing their arms (and
underarms) gives them a sense of confidence that they have never
experienced before. (Especially when throwing that bouquet.)
You can opt for half or full arm waxing for the softest skin ever.
Check out our extensive list of services at www.unikwax.com.

4. Now that you’re almost married it really is okay to let
him know you care. Open his mind to the world of waxing and
looking his most handsome for your first dance as partners for
Shape up his “man brow” with our eyebrow waxing services
for men. Groom his chest and have him show off that six-pack
with our chest and stomach waxing services. The possibilities
of this manly makeover are endless. View our men’s waxing
services online at www.unikwax.com.

5. Going somewhere warm for your honeymoon? Try our full
body waxing services to show off your body on the beach

Uni K Wax Center’s offer every waxing service you can imagine
(even toe waxing for sandal perfect feet!). Follow up by
protecting your skin with our Body Collection of all natural
products for glowing beautiful skin all season long. Smooth your
skin and keep your golden tan looking fabulous with our Dry Oil
Spray with Orchid Flower
. Just spray on damp skin after the
shower for a beautiful glow.

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