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Face the New Year with Confidence

Not all skin is created equal and the skin on your face is different than that of your body.  It is thinner and more sensitive, so it needs extra care. Our proprietary, 100% natural and gluten free wax is ideal for the most sensitive skin. Applied at body temperature, our unique formula allows our wax to maintain its elasticity at all times. Our removal techniques, combined with its elasticity and temperature, allows the wax to be extremely gentle on the skin. Our wax is made of a special pine resin which contains natural oils that moisturize your skin and leave it nourished and silky smooth. Our unique wax is one of the many reasons why our customers love waxing with us.

Our customers also trust our waxers. We know your face needs extra attention, and our award-winning waxers treat every individual with his or her needs in mind. All of our waxers are trained at Uni K University and become certified in our exclusive techniques, which include:  theory and practice of antisepsis and asepsis, the principles of cleanliness and disinfection, the skin, hair growth patterns, pre and post-depilatory care, and professional customer interaction. The many hours of hands on training that our waxers receive prepares them for the various types of skin and hair types they might encounter during services. In addition, our facilities maintain optimum hygienic standards. Each center has its own on-site lab, and each customer gets his or her very own sterilized warmer with fresh wax.

You will find our menu of face waxing services to be extremely comprehensive, ranging from eyebrows, upper lip, ears, chin, nose, nostrils, neck and even the whole face! Uni K Wax, which is already widely known for its affordable prices, offers the same services to both men and women.

So, start the New Year with confidence and radiance. Treat yourself, and take advantage of our 20% OFF on all face waxing services for men and women during the entire month of January.  We believe you will leave any of our centers with a glowing smile on your face. We wish you a happy and healthy 2013!

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