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In honor of Earth Day and its “all natural” culture, in April we want our customers to “Go Green” with our all natural GREEN wax!  Created by combining the resin of a unique aromatic pine tree, beeswax and other natural ingredients, our wax not only removes hair from the root for long-lasting hair removal, it also exfoliates and softens the skin leaving it as smooth as silk.  Our wax also happens to be a beautiful and natural shade of green, as you can clearly see.  And if there was ever a place that you might have wanted an all natural, gentle, waxing solution, it is probably the bikini area!  No matter what kind of bikini service you choose, Monday and Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm, you will enjoy a 20% discount For Him and For Her in the month of April!  As women break out the bikinis and men pull out those speedos, there couldn’t be a better time to visit a Uni K Wax Center and enjoy an all natural waxing experience.

This promotion is valid for all new and existing Uni K Reward Members only, so make sure to sign up for the Uni K Rewards Program and start building up points! This April, treat yourself to any one of our bikini waxing at any Uni K Wax Center!  As always, let your friends know about the special and bring them along. It is an easy way to earn 5000 Rewards points ($5) for each new person you refer to us.

Know your bikini wax styles!

At Uni K Wax, we offer a number of bikini waxing options for you to choose from. It might be overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite simple.  Here are the names and descriptions of the main styles we offer:

  • Bikini Line – It’s pretty much exactly what it says.  A basic bikini line wax removes any hair from the edges that would peek out of a standard bikini bottom.
  • Deep Bikini – A deep bikini gives a little more protection than the bikini line.  It removes a little further in.
  • Brazilian Bikini – A Brazilian wax removes everything underneath, behind and leaves a small line in the front.
  • Full Bikini – Removes everything!  Not a single hair will be left and no matter what type of bikini you wear, there won’t be anything to stick out. Smooth like the day you were born!

Knowing which style you want is important, but it is even more important to have your bikini waxing done professionally.  Being a specially “sensitive” area, the role of the waxers, the technique, and the wax are crucial  for a pleasant and comfortable experience.  Our wax is not only all natural, but one of the aspects that makes it perfect for bikini waxes is that it is applied at body temperature.  The last place you want hot wax is “down there.”  Our unique “green” wax is the perfect wax for that bikini area!

Did you know that Uni K wax centers offer “touch up” waxing?

Our touch up service was created having in mind those customers who are transitioning from shaving into waxing. Shaving causes hair growth patterns to become uneven; as a result, the first time a customer waxes there will be some hairs that haven’t reached the surface and won’t be removed by the wax. Touch up sessions (up to 12 days after your wax) will help remove that hair that was shaved and could not be waxed during the first session because it was too short. Our touch up services include underarms, bikini, and buttocks strip.

We also offer full face touch up (up to 10 days after your wax) because facial hair has the tendency to grow faster than body hair for some people such as woman who are facing hormonal imbalances. This service is also beneficial for men who are transitioning from shaving into waxing their facial hair.

We don’t want our customer to be discouraged when they notice hairs appearing in the surface of their skin a few days after their waxing service. We also want to provide them with an inexpensive option to compliment our already affordable prices. At Uni K Wax Center, we make sure that all our customers experience the best results and get the maximum benefits offered by our all natural waxing services.

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