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Harper’s Bazaar Features Uni K Wax


Uni K was mentioned on HarpersBazaar.com in an article titled, “Bazaar’s Little Beauty Black Book” that shares the Beauty team’s favorite things and their best kept beauty secrets from mascaras to salons.  Uni K was featured as Beauty Editor, Jess Prince’s, go-to waxing center.  The mention includes a direct link to UniKWax.com.


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Uni K Wax Center makes Long Island debut – Newsday.com

The new Uni K Wax Center in Wantagh and Uni K Wax CEO,  Noemi Grupenmager are currently featured on Newsday.com’s “Shop Talk” Blog  in an article titled “Uni K Wax Center makes Long Island debut.” The article talks about how waxing is painful and can leave you red, sticky and irritated and that “Argentine Noemi Grupenmager founded Uni K Wax Center in the 1990’s with this in mind, and her innovative salons dedicated to natural hair removal became go-to spots in teeny-bikini-loving Miami, and later in Manhattan.”


The article highlights the new Uni K Wax Center,  the natural, elastic wax that is “less painful and more gentle on the skin than your usual wax” as well as Uni K’s line of skincare products. The article also states that the company plans to open eight more Uni K Wax Centers between Nassau and Suffolk by 2014 and the next is slated for Syosset within the next three months. Noemi is quoted at the end of the article and a photo which shows the elasticity of the wax at the Wantagh location is also included.


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CBS Live from the Couch Featured UniK Wax

On Tuesday, May 13, 2013 Uni K Wax Centers were featured on CBS’s Live from the Couch alongside Dr. Yael Varnado in a segment titled, “Hidden Health Hazards in Beauty Treatments & Products.”

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Mother’s Day has arrived, a nice reminder that our mothers are very special women!  At Uni K Wax Centers we make sure that during May we make it all about her!. This May, Sundays through Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm, we are offering  ALL women $10 off any total purchase over $50, $5 off any total purchase of more than $25, and $3 off any other total amount purchased.  Whether that special woman enjoys the smooth skin benefit of our all natural wax or simply needs some of our nourishing products, this month we want to make her feel unique and beautiful.

This promotion is valid for all new and existing women “Uni K Rewards” members only, so make sure to sign up for the program and start building up points!  Treat yourself to any one of our waxing services, stock up on our products, and visit your nearest Uni K Wax Center!  As always, let your girlfriends know about this special and bring them along also! Bringing a friend is always a great way to earn 5000 Rewards points, which is equal to $5 that you can use towards any product or service!


Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax founder, talks about ingrown hairs.

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls and grows back into the skin. This can be caused by thick and dry skin, oil blocking the hair follicle, or dead skin cells plugging up the pores. An ingrown hair is usually just a minor irritation, but can be painful, unsightly and if left untreated, an ingrown hair could become infected.

“If you wax regularly you will have a very slim chance of getting an ingrown hair.  However, tight clothes, like leggings, stockings and jeans can cause ingrown hair problems.  Exfoliating will help to diminish the chance of getting razor burn and ingrown hair, however, avoid exfoliating one to two days before and after you get waxed with Uni K, because our unique wax will also exfoliate your skin while removing unwanted hair,” explains Noemi during her interview with Beauty World News!

Uni K Wax has created a gentle, cosmetically elegant  roll-on formulated for ingrown hair that does not dry out the skin. We also have a great loofah for exfoliating the skin which you can use yourself, especially in the most common areas you get ingrown hairs. Ask for the loofah at your Center!

Did you know that Uni K Wax offers personalized gift certificates online and via Facebook?

In addition to gift cards that you can purchase at any Center, we offer gift certificates online and via Facebook.  You will find multiple designs to choose from and this month, we have added the Mother’s Day design! (Yep, the cute one the girl is holding in the ad above!)

You pick the dollar amount you want to give, the design, who it’s from and who it’s for, put in a unique message, and you are done!  What could be easier?  Best of all, you can print it on the spot, ,email it right away, or schedule  a specific day in the future to be sent via e-mail. So go online now or visit our Facebook page and buy a gift certificate for your mom to be sent on May 12th!!  

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