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No Trick, OUR TREAT!

We don’t know what kind of outfit you are planning on wearing this Halloween, but we wanted you to be fully prepared for anything!  With that in mind we are running a special that entitles you to a 15% discount off your total bill when you receive three services during one visit. Depending on the costume, you might want more than three! This October, Sundays through Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm up until and including October 22, ALL men, women and teens, new or returning customers, are eligible for this discount.

This October’s special lends itself to racking up some reward points.  There are a number of ways to build reward points and one of those is getting 10 points for every $1 that you spend.  By taking advantage of this month’s 15% discount, you will be booking three services and not just one, which can help build those reward points quickly.  You can even book the three services on line and get 2,000 additional rewards points.  While you are at it, why not bring a friend to enjoy a 10% discount and receive a further 5,000 rewards points! So make sure to sign up for the free Uni K Rewards Program, if you haven’t yet, and start building up points and save money!


Tips for customers coming in for waxing from Noemi Grupenmager herself!

Question:  Often after any type of facial wax (eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.) and a workout, a breakout usually follows. Is there any way to avoid the breakout without having to skip my sweat session? 

Answer:  A wax session at Uni K Wax will not result in a breakout, so yes there is away to avoid a breakout, visit Uni K Wax Centers.  This is because Uni K Wax uses an all-natural elastic wax, which moisturizes the skin as it gently opens the pores to remove the hair with minimal discomfort, then a soothing chamomile gel is applied on the waxed area.   All of these procedures are unique to Uni K Wax, which is why we can promote that there is no break out following a visit to our centers.  For those who are unable to visit a Uni K Wax Center, there are other things that you can do to minimize breakouts though.  Choose a wax that is not hot, and contains no chemicals, is gentle on the skin and does not cause discomfort.

Sometimes our friends like to tell us some “fun facts” and here are some that you may or may not have known about waxing! (As published on Beauty News LA)

  • –  4000 – 3000 BC: First evidence of total body hair removal in Ancient India
  • –  $30: average cost of bikini wax
  • –  4-5 weeks: between waxing treatments
  • –  77%: number of guys (ages 18-34) who admit to Manscaping
  • –  ¼”: length of hair before hair is ready for waxing treatment
  • –  3-6 minutes: how long to keep at-home hair removal creams on body
  • –  1993: Year the “Brazilian Bikini Wax” was coined by Noemi Grupenmager
  • –  500-1200 nanometers: wavelength of laser in hair removal
  • –  5: number of uses you can get out of a disposable razor blade
  • –  18th century: first modern-day razor created
  • –  33139: zip code of the first waxing-only center (Uni K Wax Center)

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