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This month, it’s all about the men! As Father’s Day quickly approaches, Uni K is excited to dedicate the month of June to men. What does that mean? Starting on June 1st, all male Uni K Rewards Members receive 15% off all services, Sunday through Wednesday from Center Opening until 5pm*.  At Uni K Wax, unlike the scene in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” waxing should be an enjoyable and comfortable experience.  At Uni K Wax, our all-natural elastic wax, is applied at body temperature and rests on the skin to allow the pores to open and when the wax is removed the follicle is gently pulled from the pore with minimal discomfort.  In fact Uni K Wax is usually called the “ouchless” wax.

Also, you know you are in good hands, as Uni K Wax was the first waxing Center to offer full services for both Men and Women.  All of our professional waxing staff have attended an extensive course at the Uni K Wax University where they are taught how to wax in the shortest amount of time, with our beneficial elastic wax and focus on customers comfort during the waxing experience.

Men – With the summer season right around the corner, it is essential to look the best in your new swim trunks! Waxing will eliminate the daily shaving routine and can provide longer lasting hair removal, up to three to six weeks. Why spend your morning attempting to shave your back when you could be spending your time on the beach? Waxing is the untold male grooming secret, with long term benefits.  Did you know, for example, that men could save up to 50%  of the money they would spend on shaving, over a 12 month period, just by changing to waxing as a hair removal option!  Now is the time to step into one of our many Uni K Wax locations and see what makes our all we do, so unique.

Women – June is the month to show your man the true benefits of waxing, trust us, you’ll be happy you did! Waxing with Uni K’s Wax has many benefits, for example, our wax is a hygienic method of hair removal and it nourishes the skin while gently removing the hair, leaving the skin smooth and silky. By waxing, hair grows back thinner, slower and more sparse. In fact, 94 million men over the age of 15 in the United States remove their body/facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77% (ages 18-35) “MANscape” their shoulders, backs, chests and bikini areas.

So take advantage of our promotion this month, which ends on June 22 and see the difference a little MANscaping can do to enrich your life.

Also, if you’re looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life, consider purchasing a gift card at any location, or you can purchase a gift certificate on online!

The Uni K wax team wishes all of you a Happy Father’s Day and happy MANscaping!


* 15% off all services for him is valid for new and existing Uni K Wax Rewards customers from June 1 to 22, 2014, Sunday through to Wednesday from Center Opening until 5pm.  Offer only valid for men. Promotion will not be honored during blackout dates (dates National: June 23 to 30). Service must have commenced during the promotional time period, if the customer arrived on time and the delay in commencing the service is caused by Uni K Wax Center, the promotion will be honored when the customer has the service that day.  Must present valid Photo ID. Offer not valid for TeenClub customers. TeenClub members are restricted to services offered on the TeenClub menu unless authorized for additional services. Offer does not include tax or gratuities.  Does not apply to series, packages, gift cards or gift certificates.  Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series.  No cash value.  Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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