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The more you SHARE, the more you EARN

This July, we are the celebrating the one year anniversary of Uni K’s exclusive TeenClub!  To thank all our loyal customers and celebrate the success, we are offering a very special promotion just for this month…. The more you share, the more you earn!

EVERY CUSTOMER, Uni K Rewards Member or TeenClub Member, can participate and EARN SPECIAL REWARDS POINTS and even A FREE YEAR OF WAXING!

Here’s how it works:


YOU GET DOUBLE POINTS, 10,000 ($10) for each referral of a new TeenClub Member*.  There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make – the more you refer the more points you can accumulate.  And if you refer 21 or more new Teen Club members, not only you get those 210,000  ($210) or more Rewards points but you automatically  EARN A FREE YEAR OF WAXING*  as well!

If no one reaches the 21 referrals, we will still be giving away A FREE YEAR OF WAXING* to the customer that accumulates the most amount of referrals of new members to the TeenClub during the month*.

To make your task easier, here are some of the reasons you can mention when you are encouraging a teen to join the Uni K TeenClub:

– Membership is free for teens 17 years old and younger (it only requires a parent written consent)
– TeenClub offers  select services menu with special pricing
– Free enrollment to the TeenClub Rewards program which entitles you to earn points and participate in special offers.
– Your teen friend will get 10% off his/her first visit
– Most importantly, we know that when teens come to our centers, they experience the Uni K Wax treatment  by our qualified waxers, specially trained to wax sensitive skin.  Uni K Wax is the only wax that is all      natural, elastic and applied at body temperature, to gently remove hair ouchlessly, in Centers that have achieved the highest standards of hygiene in the industry.

You can download, print or email our TeenClub Referral Card now, to start sharing, or simply let them know to make sure they write your name on the intake form during their first visit.

And if you want to get even more points, then get active with us on social media for daily points!


EARN 1,000 POINTS ($1) FOR EACH DAILY FACEBOOK POST*about Uni K Wax and you can add up to 31,000 points in total ($31) by the end of the month. To find more detailed instructions on how to enter into this promotion go to http://www.unikwax.com/sweepstakes/

Additionally, you can also EARN 1,000 POINTS ($1) FOR EACH DAILY TWEET*  about Uni K Wax and again, you can add up another 31,000 points in total ($31) as well. #happy1st-teenclub

Combine your daily Facebook posts and tweets and you can rack up a total of 62,000 points equal to $62 towards waxing!  Add to that your referrals and well… you can do the math…

So, don’t waste any time and start referring new teen customers, post on Facebook and tweet right now! Literally, THE MORE YOU SHARE THE MORE YOU EARN! Take advantage of this unique promotion during July, as we all celebrate the TeenClub’s first birthday and more to come!


*For more details about this promotion please go to http://www.unikwax.com/sweepstakes/



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