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Uni K Wax is known to be a leader and pioneer in the waxing industry, constantly bringing innovations to the market. If you follow our blogs you may already know that Uni K Wax was the first to create a professional waxing only center for both men and women, it was the creator of the Brazilian bikini waxing and the inventor of its unique all-natural elastic wax, applied at body temperature, that gently removes the hair providing for a non-irritating comfortable waxing experience. What you may not know is that Uni K Wax was also the first to offer what is called TOUCH-UP services.

TOUCH-UP sessions are provided for certain services within 12 days of the original waxing service at a lower price.  You may wonder why we offer them. Well, there are two reasons for that:

–  Our touch up service was created having in mind those customers who are transitioning from shaving into waxing.  Shaving causes hair growth patterns to become uneven; as a result, the first time a customer waxes there will be some hairs that haven’t reached the surface and won’t be removed by the wax. Touch up sessions will help remove that hair that was shaved and could not be waxed during the first session because it was too short. Our touch up services include; underarms, bikini, and buttocks strip.

–  We also offer full face touch-up because facial hair has the tendency to grow faster than body hair for some people such as women who are facing hormonal imbalances. This service is also beneficial for men who are transitioning from shaving into waxing their facial hair.

We don’t want our customers to be discouraged when they notice hairs appearing on the surface of their skin a few days after their waxing service, due to irregular hair growth. We also want to provide them with an inexpensive option to compliment our already affordable prices.

This month we are pleased to announce two additional facial touch-up services – Eyebrows and Upper Lip TOUCH-UP service. To complement the announcement, we have an equally attractive promotional offer for our Uni K Rewards Members: “A FREE TOUCH-UP SERVICE within 12 days after having an Eyebrow, Celebrity Eyebrow or Upper Lip Service”, provided that the customer had the original service during the month of September.At Uni K Wax Center, we make sure that all our customers experience the best results and get the maximum benefits offered by our all-natural waxing services.

Please remember that a touch-up is only valid for select services and must be taken within 12 days of the original full priced service (i.e. if you visit Uni K Wax September 1st, the last day to receive a touch-up of the service you got that day is September 13th). Once you get a touch-up service, you can come in and have another touch up within another 12 days.

Come visit your Uni K Wax Center during September to have your eyebrows and/or upper lip waxed and get your next touch-up session for free within 12 days of the original service(s).  And if you purchased a series in August, don’t forget to redeem your free service, which may form part of a free service (eyebrow or upper lip) in September as well!



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