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This month we are giving our Rewards and TeenClub Members a chance to “Win Your Dream Wax Series For A Whole Year”* by submitting a catchy phrase describing Uni K Wax.

Uni K Wax is working on developing a new tagline and in that spirit we are asking for your ideas.  Your catchy phrase can be about things like:

  • –  What you like the most about Uni K Wax
  • –   Why you choose to wax with Uni K Wax
  • –   Your waxing experience with Uni K Wax
  • –   Any other statement about Uni K Wax

Your phrase should be short (up to 20 words) and must be your own original idea and statement.

Entering the competition is very easy – you simply write and submit your catchy phrase or tagline via any of the following:

The competition commences on April 1 at 12 am and ends April 30, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

Best of all, the winner will WIN A WHOLE YEAR OF A WAXING SERIES OF HIS/HER CHOICE. And the winning phrase or tagline may be used in future promotions or advertising.

One more thing to remember, you must be a Uni K Wax Rewards or Uni K TeenClub Rewards member to enter.   If you are not a rewards member yet, simply visit a Uni K Wax Center to sign up – it’s FREE!

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions and we thank you in advance for your participation.


*Full terms and conditions of “April 2015 Win Your Dream Series For A Whole Year” are available at www.unikwax.com/Sweepstakes/

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