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SMOOTH SKIN ALL SUMMER – with our TOUCH-UP SERVICES now up to 14 days!

Touch-up services at Uni K Wax just got even better! Starting July 2015 we are offering touch-up services, available anytime within 14 days from the previous date you visited for the same service (we extended it from 12 to 14 days ). Touch-up services are offered at a lower price than a regular service, so it is a great way to save money and keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

You may wonder why we offer them. Well, there are four reasons:

1.  Our touch-up service was originally created having in mind those customers who are transitioning from shaving into waxing.  Shaving causes hair growth patterns to become uneven; as a result, the first time a customer waxes there will be some hair that hasn’t reached the surface and cant be removed by the wax. Touch-up sessions will help remove the hair that was shaved and could not be waxed during the first session because it was too short.

2.  We also offer full face touch-up because facial hair has the tendency to grow faster than body hair for some people such as women who are facing hormonal imbalances. This service is also beneficial for men who are transitioning from shaving into waxing their facial hair.

3.  During the summer time, for some people, hair tends to grow faster. This is generally due to heat, perspiration, humidity and changes in hormones in the body during the warmer season. Save even more and purchase the Touch-up as a series, which can be the ideal solution to keeping your skin hairless during the entire season.

4.  Looking to keep that smooth skin all summer long, Touch-up services allow you to visit as often as you like and you will only pay the Touch-up price, come every week if you like.

The main reason why Uni K Wax can offer Touch-up services is because with our unique wax, allows us to promote that “NO-HAIR-IS-TOO-SHORT-TO-WAX”.  Our wax can remove hair that has grown shorter than the industry standard for removing hair which is ¼ inch length.  So we remove hair that is shorter than the industry standard, as long as it is above skin level. Of course your waxer is the expert at advising if the hair can be removed and will only remove the hair as a Touch-up as long as it is taken up to 14 days from the last touch-up or full paid service, she may ask you to return in a few days to ensure she can remove the hair if it is still within the Touch-up period.

The following are available as a Touch-up service:  Bikini (any style), Boxers (any style), Buttocks strip, Celebrity eyebrows, Collar (any style), Eye brows, Full face, Underarms, Upper lip.

How do you have a Touch-up? Touch-ups start from the first full paid service, then the you can return for a Touch-up of that same service within 14 days, and can benefit by not having to pay full service price again, and benefit from the Touch-up price each time, as long as it is the same service and taken within 14 days of the last Touch-up.  So now that the summer is here, buy a touch-up series, save and ensure beautiful skin all season.

One last thing, we are offering SUMMER SENSATIONAL FEATURED PACKAGE during July. It includes Lower Legs, Lower Stomach and Lower Back and is specially priced at $53 for her and $81 for him (a great saving on $61 for her and $91 for him which is the regular price). This is yet another treat for our Reward members during July.

Have a wonderful summer!





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