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We all love to receive a gift from time to time! As we are enjoying the summer, Uni K Wax is offering Uni K Rewards and TeenClub members a free gift, to help you extend the sensational summertime feeling on your skin.  The kind you feel after a visit at any Uni K Wax Center.  

How to receive your gift? When any Uni K Rewards member spends $45 or more or a Teen Club member spends $25 or more, in services during a single visit in August, they can redeem one of the following services for free in September:

– Underarms (him/her/teen)
– Upper Lip (her/teen)
– Nostrils (her/him)

Even better… this offer is not limited to just one appointment during the month!  If you visit twice during the month and spend $45 or more during each visit (Uni K Rewards members) or $25 or more (TeenClub members), you will earn two free gifts in September.  One gift for each visit!

We have more great news! Our feature package during the month of August includes Full Legs & Buttocks and Brazilian Bikini Front & Back.  This SUMMER SENSATIONAL FEATURED PACKAGE is offered for only $110 for her or $151 for him

We are frequently asked about our customers’ most popular service during the summer. Well, generally speaking, and this is not only during the summer but all year around, Bikini Waxing is our most popular service, particularly the Full Brazilian Bikini Front & Back. This service removes all the hair from the front and the back, leaving you feeling smooth and clean for the summer.

At Uni K Wax we offer a wide variety of Bikini Waxing styles for him and her in addition to the one explained above:

–   Bikini Line: The name is self-explanatory. Removes a strip of hair along the front area outside the panty line.
–   Deep Bikini: As the name suggests, it is like a Bikini Line but goes further down adding extra comfort.
–   Brazilian Bikini: Removes almost all hair, leaving only a landing strip or small triangle.
–   Bikini Top: Removes a straight line of hair at the top of the bikini area and may be added to any of our Bikini services or can be done by itself.

Founded in 1993, Uni K Wax is proud to be the creator of the Full Brazilian Bikini and the Brazilian Bikini Wax styles that have been adopted by many and have become an industry standard.

For more details on each waxing service we offer, ask the receptionist or waxer for a Body Chart at your next visit.

Whether you want a Bikini style wax or would like to explore our other services, take advantage of all the August offerings and have a sensational rest of the summer!



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