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our story

Uni K Wax is dedicated to offering our customers the most innovative face and body waxing product and a unique hair removal technique while maintaining a stellar customer service through our Uni K Wax Centers. We use only the highest quality wax that is a proprietary herbal wax unique to Uni K Wax. We are committed to offering these services and products with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, discretion and integrity.  Our goal is to have everyone who visits our centers feel welcome and comfortable, in a clean and relaxing environment.

award-winning waxing for men and women

Our unique and award-winning waxing services for men and women are what sets us apart from the rest, including European body waxing methods. We are the facial and body waxing experts and have created a breakthrough all-natural hair removal wax while designing our Uni K Wax Centers to set the stage for a great hair removal waxing experience. We have been recognized and awarded by magazines like Allure, InStyle, Time Out and Ocean Drive as the ultimate waxing experts.

uni k wax center revolutionized the world of waxing

Before Uni K Wax Centers made a big splash on the waxing scene, hair removal was a mere after thought. Hair removal wasn’t taken very seriously, it was something that was done in the back of a styling or nail salon by any technician that was available to perform the service.  Never before had a company dedicated entire Centers to just waxing for men and women. Uni K Wax actually created the first professional waxing hair removal business with a newly designed Center that elevates the customer experience with the cleanest, greenest and fastest waxing experience ever.

we created the brazilian bikini

Our brand originated in South Beach, Florida in 1993 when we revolutionized the world of waxing as the first and only waxing Center with the best face and full body hair removal services for men and women. It was at our very first Uni K Wax Center that the Brazilian Bikini wax was born to accommodate the fashionable “string” bikini when everyone else just offered the bikini line wax. The Brazilian Bikini is now a popular service world-wide and is perfected at our Centers.  We also quickly developed a loyal customer base through word-of-mouth recommendations, one happy customer at a time. Our detailed price menu of hair removal waxing services for both men and women include facial waxing, eyebrow waxing and full body waxing including bikini waxing for men and women. Since our first Uni K Wax Center, we have grown rapidly as a fresh concept in natural hair removal with Uni K Wax Centers opening around the country.

we are the cleanest greenest fastest waxing ever

Uni K Wax Centers offer everything one would want in a waxing service, including a consistently calm, clean and professional environment with well-trained face and body waxing specialists.