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Best Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Everything about Uni K is unique, including our name. We have thought of everything possible to raise the standards of hair removal waxing for men and women, so you have the best service ever.

Real Simple Magazine loves Uni K Wax Centers. Read about our recent great review here.

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At first I didn’t beleive that it would be a virtually pain free process because I’ve had brazillian waxes done before at other places and it just hurts, but beleive it or not this place somehow takes the pain factor away. I don’t know how but maybe because they are so quick or because the warm wax sits on your skin for a bit before it’s removed, but it was soothing rather than painful. I’m so happy because now that I’m pregnant I can’t drink a margarita before I get waxed which used to be a requirement for me!

PAINLESS PROCESS!! so glad i did it!!

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