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Let Uni K Wax Centers show you how to look your most bootyiful in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day. It all starts with a great bikini wax to show off your prettiest lingerie.

Pale colors, sweet bows, romantic lace and ruffles are the most feminine and when paired with the playfulness of a spandex blend boy short, can look very sexy.  Designers with the prettiest at all price points include Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Stella McCartney and Juliana Rae.

Those wanting a more sophisticated look in the bedroom should opt for richer colors like deep navy, charcoal grey and deep crimson red. Lingerie designers for this category of elegance include Calvin Klein, Eres Paris and Mimi Holiday.

Lots of lace, black and touches of silk or satin are super sexy. Corsets by Mission Control, Cosabella and La Perla are divine.

Although every body is unique including hair growth and texture, which can determine the waxing service you will need, here is a general guideline to bikini waxing for different shapes and styles of panties.

Boy Shorts/Hipsters             bikini line wax          $17.00

Low-cut Boy Shorts             bikini line with top    $19.00

Modern Briefs                     bikini line wax          $17.00

High-cut brief                    deep bikini                  $19.00

French-cut Brief                  deep bikini w/ top     $21.00 (Highest-cut leg)


G-Strings (skimpiest)           full bikini front/back $43.00      w/ buttocks strip         $17.00

V-Strings                            full bikini front/back $43.00        w/ buttocks strip         $17.00

T-Backs                              Brazilian Bikini front/back $39.00

Websites we love for Valentine’s Day

Www.journelle.com; www.figleaves.com and www.thelittlebracompany.com

***photos courtesy of Victoria’s Secret***

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