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It’s always easy for us to sing our own praises, but it is even better when it comes from a well known beauty editor for Glamour Magazine! “I go to the Uni K Wax center chain and find they’re geniuses at giving you excellent, consistent results at a great price ( …) They use a green proprietary natural wax that contains pine sap and bees wax and each client gets their very own freshly sterilized container that is emptied afterward. (no worries about double dipping!)” says Andrea Pomerantz Lustig in her book How to Look Expensive.

That is absolutely right! Our procedures are unlike any other waxing facility, setting the standard in the industry for the highest of hygiene and waxing procedures.  Each Uni K Wax Center has its own on-site lab, which plays a very special role in the delivery of our exceptional waxing services. In that lab our proprietary wax is prepared for each individual customer. Our labs are maintained by our dedicated lab assistants who continually prepare wax throughout the day and maintain the lab conditions in the highest standards of sanitation. No other business has an on-site trained lab assistant.

–  Once you check in and you are brought to your waxing room, your professional waxer will go to the lab to retrieve your personalized wax warmer that is freshly prepared just for you.
–  The waxer takes the wax warmer filled with Uni K Wax’s all-natural elastic wax which is at body temperature into your waxing room.  It is filled with only enough wax for your service.
–  During the service, the waxer applies the wax to your body, removes the wax and discards it in the trash bin in the room.
–  Once your service is complete, your waxer will return your waxing warmer back to the lab and the lab assistant will discard (if there is any) unused wax and properly dispose of waxing spatulas, gloves and applicators. The lab assistant will then thoroughly clean the warmer externally with Zestazol, widely known as one of the best depilatory wax cleansing product on the market, and as a final stage, sanitized the inside of the warmer with hospital grade 91% alcohol disinfectant.  Only then is the warmer ready for the next customer.

This type of attention to detail allows for Uni K Wax Centers to offer a service that is consistently the best.  Hygiene is one of our top priorities and we do everything to ensure it.

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