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Reward points. What’s the deal???

We all know that most reward programs are complicated and we end up frustrated.  Remember that last long flight you took?  You vowed that you would get home and figure out a way to earn enough points to upgrade to first class or get a free companion ticket.  Unfortunately, most reward programs are too confusing to understand.  The points can only be used at certain times and the whole point system is baffling.  Points expire or are worth so little that the amount of money we need to spend on a credit card to make it worth something is outrageous.  Reward programs are the proverbial carrot on the stick.  At Uni K Wax we understand your frustration and have designed a Rewards Program that is simple, easy to use, and gives immediate satisfaction!  Not possible you say?  It is possible, we promise.  We are going to tell you HOW our program works and we are going to share the secrets of how you can quickly accumulate points!  (Try to have an airline tell you that!)

Simple rule for rewards points: For every 1,000 points you earn you get $1 of value. Easy, right? So, knowing that simple rule, we want to share with you some ways to rack up those points quickly!

Here is a simple idea to accumulate points.  When you are finished with your service, just book your next waxing appointment with the receptionist and voila, you will have 1,000 points. It’s simple, isn’t it?

What if you forget to pre-book your appointment?  No problem!  You can get even more points if you book online instead!  Every time you book online, you get 2,000 points to use on your next waxing appointment or keep accumulating them for future use.  How easy is that???  We have a customer in New York who lives in the same building as the center and she books online, goes downstairs, and gets $2 off her service.  She has actually made this her regular routine and does this every month.

But how do you earn a lot of points?  Easy.  On the day of your birthday you get 5,000 points.   That’s our present to you.  Your birthday only comes around once a year and we want that day to be extra special! You want even more points?  No problem!  Refer a friend!  For every friend you refer, you get 5,000 points but make sure they mention your name!  (Your friend also gets a 10% discount on their first visit!)  Refer a couple of friends each month, book all of your appointments online, and you could easily accumulate thousands and thousands of points with very little effort.  You are earning lots of points and you have yet to spend a single dollar! Oh and speaking about spending money, when you come in for your waxing services, you also earn 10 points for every $1 you spend and those start to add up as well.

Here are some important items to remember:

1.  Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your Rewards card.

2.  ALWAYS bring your Rewards card to your appointment and give it to the receptionist to scan when you arrive so she can ensure that you receive the appropriate points and avoid duplicate accounts.

3.  It’s FREE!  Yep, enrollment is free and there is no annual fee for our Rewards Program.  There is no minimum amount of visits and the points never expire!

4.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

5.  When you refer a friend, make sure they write your name on the new customer intake form.

Still want more points!?  Well, since you asked, this month’s special gives you twice the points!  Earn double reward points for every dollar you spend on services, products, gift cards, and gift certificates, but even better, if you refer a friend in November, you will get 10,000 points!!!!  So make sure that you sign up for our Rewards Program at your next visit.  It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s rewarding!   If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, what better way to start than by purchasing an online gift certificate for your friends  or via our Facebook page and earn double the reward points!  Have a wonderful November and grab as many points as you can!

One last thing…. join our mailing list!  Each month you will receive our promotions some of which are exclusively for our Reward Members. Even more points on the way! To keep up with new benefits and changes to our Rewards Program, visit our web site at http://www.unikwax.com/rewards-program/.



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