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THE SENSE K-SOLSHADE LINE IS HERE-The new skin care product line you will love

Uni K Wax is proud to introduce its new line of skin care products, SENSE K-SOLSHADE, formulated and designed to protect, rejuvenate and refresh your skin against the influences of the sun. While easy to apply, they offer satisfying benefits by delivering a burst of essential minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy.

The K-Solshade line consist of a Sunscreen Facial Cream, Sunscreen Body Spray and Hydrating Mist, all intended to provide essential minerals and active ingredients for UV protection which are fundamental to your skin’s long lasting well-being.


  • – Sunscreen Cream – Face

Look and feel fresher with this silky nourishing cream, the perfect complement to your daily regimen.

The K-Solshade Face Cream protects and moisturizes your face with a broad spectrum of UV protection. It can be applied underneath your makeup or as your barrier to the effects of the sun.

  • – Sunscreen Spray – Body

Indulge yourself and enjoy the great outdoors while defending your skin against the effects of the sun.

K-Solshade Body protects your skin from the influences of the sun. This sunscreen body spray is appealing for its quick application, even coverage, transparency and extended duration while resulting in healthy benefits for you.

  • – Hydra Mist

Look good and feel good by giving your skin the pick-me-up it needs while fitting into your busy lifestyle.

The K-Aguafresh Mist moisturizes your skin and hydrates your face and body to stay healthy longer. This lightweight spray hydrates with a fresh, comforting mist of enriched moisture.

Next time you visit your Uni K Wax Center make sure you try these products; you will simply love them! And they can be the perfect gift for mother’s day, especially now that the sunny days of Summer are approaching. You can purchase them at your Center or if you prefer you can buy them online now.







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