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Uni K Celebrates Super Dads! June 19, 2011

Dad’s sure knows best about a lot of things, but you can help

him put his best face (and body) forward this Father’s Day,

June 19, 2011 with a gift certificate from Uni K Wax Centers

to enhance his features:

  • Turn his “man brow” into a boardroom power brow… polish up his act with our nose waxing services… take off ten year off his age with our ear waxing services
  • lift some of the weight and hair off his shoulders with Uni K’s superior shoulder waxing
  • improve his stroke and the look of his arms on the golf course with our amazing arm waxing services
  • have him looking his best pool side and on the beach with our chest waxing
  • show him how you have his back with our full, upper and lower back waxing services
  • give him a boost and a leg up on life with our full leg waxing packages
  • and have him strutting his stuff in his“sockless” sandals with our feet first toe waxing services.

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