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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

When we were kids, this meant handmade cards and those little candy hearts. Now that we’re all grown up, V-Day is more candlelight dinners and lingerie, and you just can’t flaunt lingerie properly without making the proper preparations.

Enter: Uni K Wax Centers. 

It is our belief that pain should not be one of the things on the menu for Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, we have perfected the art of quick and gentle hair removal. Our all-natural, highly elastic wax is made from aromatic pine resin and beeswax. It is applied at body temperature and feels soothing to the skin. The days of dreading your waxing appointments are gone, and you can focus instead on how amazing you’re going to look in that LBD.

In case you’re new to waxing, or just a little harder to convince, here are just a few reasons you should ditch the razor:

1. The Hazards of Shaving: Cuts, Razor Burn & Ingrown Hairs? No thank you. Even a palmful of your favorite lotion isn’t going to mask that kind of irritation in time for Date Night. Our exclusive wax is specially formulated to exfoliate skin leaving it silky smooth and touchable.

2. Easier on Your Wallet: Sometimes the perfect dress costs a little extra, which means your waxing services shouldn’t. Not only are our prices affordable, our results are long-lasting, so you’ll end up saving in the long run. [How ridiculously expensive are razor cartridges now?!]

3. Hair Transformation: I think we can agree that the feeling of prickly legs is not cute. Our exclusive wax and waxing method weakens the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow back thinner, softer, sparser and lighter. How can you say ‘no’ to that?

4. Your Cramped Shower vs. Our Clean, Welcoming Centers: Our Centers are designed with your comfort in mind. Each Center has its own on-site lab where our dedicated lab assistants prepare fresh wax throughout the day. Each customer gets their own waxing warmer delivered straight to his/her room. Once your service is complete, your Waxer will return your waxing warmer back to the lab and the lab assistant will discard of all trash including used wax, spatulas, and gloves. Each waxing warmer is then thoroughly cleaned with medical-grade cleaning agents in between each service for each customer.

Now that you have the information, we know you’ll make the right decision.  Want to get your skin ready for romance?  Call or book an appointment online at your Uni K Wax Center today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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