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Waxing For Men, The Latest Trend

Although not completely new, the trend of men having parts of their bodies waxed has gained national attention. In the past year, you can find articles on men waxing in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Maxim, and Askmen.com. The question is not whether or not more men are being waxed, they are. The question is whether as a man it is right for you and what parts of your body you want waxed. If you are a woman who wants her man to have parts of his body waxed, how do you broach the subject without seeming insulting?

Let’s start out with some basics. The most popular area that men have waxed, as one might imagine, is the back and shoulders. For some reason it has always been somewhat of a stigma and perhaps even embarrassing to some men to have a lot of hair on their back and shoulders. Shaving one’s own back is virtually impossible so for men who want that smooth and silky feel, the only answer tends to be waxing. As with all shaving, it needs to be repeated quite frequently. If a man has a partner that is willing to shave his back, that’s great, but it can grow quickly and become itchy fast. With waxing, a man can go anywhere from four to six weeks without needing to wax again, depending on the amount of hair. Another benefit that men are realizing is something that women realized long ago. Each time a man waxes, the hair that comes back is finer, less dense, and fewer in number. Far and away men are figuring out that this is the way to go and the stigma of men coming into a salon to have this done is less and less.

Uni K Wax was not only the FIRST waxing only center in the United States, but also the first waxing center to offer all of the services it offers to women to men. The name “Uni K Wax” refers to “unique” in that it was the first waxing only center and “Uni” refers to uni-sex. Founded in 1993 by Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax has been at the forefront of men getting waxed and specializes in the proper techniques for them. That means that at Uni K Wax, a man can not only get his back and shoulders done, he can have his face done, his arms, eyebrows, chest, stomach, legs, and believe it or not, even a bikini wax!  So, if you are a woman reading this, how do you get your male counterpart to give waxing a try? First of all, start with something simple, NOT the bikini wax. Second, Uni K Wax has a special for the month of June that is just for you and your man!

Uni K Wax is committed to serve men and women equally and to make their waxing experience positive, affordable and rewarding. That is why, June is not only Father’s day month at Uni K Wax Centers but a Unique Celebration for All Men. Uni K Wax is offering 15% OFF for ALL MEN, ALL SERVICES, ALL JUNE!  An opportunity for new male customers to try waxing, existing customers to try new services and an opportunity for woman to encourage their men to experience a natural waxing. Men, if you are already waxing, we would love to hear your comments. And if your girlfriend or wife just bought you a ticket to our center, we would love to hear about your first waxing experience!

Remember that this unique offer is valid only during June 2012, however, it will not be honored during blackout dates (June 27-July 4).  You must mention this email or ad to redeem the promotion.  This offer is for one time use per customer and a photo ID is required. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. Click here to see the services available for men and prices before discount.

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Posted by Tony Jimenez

June 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm

I have been getting a full waxing at Uni K for months and months now. I use the North Dale Mabry store in Tampa and Jema is my waxer. She is very professional and makes me feel at ease every time. I wax everything from my full bikini (front and back) stomach, chest back shoulders, and underarms. I love how long it lasts and will never go back to shaving. I know this sounds backwards but I had to talk my fiance into getting waxed. Now she loves it too. Thank you Uni K and espically Jema. See ya’ss soon for a touch up

Posted by danielle

June 1, 2012 at 7:46 pm

How cool! Love the 3rd paragraph… totally made me laugh out loud! I’m bringing my boyfriend there next week!

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