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Waxing made all-natural, safe and affordable!

As we reach the end of 2012, all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to have provided another year of natural, safe, and affordable waxing for both women and men.  As we start 2013, we continue our commitment to our core principles of “natural”, “safe”, and “affordable”.   After all, those are precisely what sets us apart and attracts our customers!

It’s always easy for us to sing our own praises, but it is even better when our customers do it for us. Especially if it comes from a well known beauty editor for Glamour Magazine! “I go to the Uni K Wax center chain and find they’re geniuses at giving you excellent, consistent results at a great price,” says Andrea Pomerantz Lustig in her recently released book How to Look Expensive , which as the cover so eloquently puts it, is about looking great without breaking the bank.

Uni K Wax has always wanted to make waxing accessible to as many people as possible while ensuring a safe and natural hair removal experience.  So when Andrea describes her bikini wax experience at Uni K Wax,”…(It) costs just $25 and is so pain-free it almost feels like I am at a spa,” we knew that we had hit the proverbial nail on the head.  Editor-in-Chief of Shape Magazine, Tara Kraft, gives a similar description when she refers to Uni K Wax’s all-natural wax that “makes “ouch” a thing of the past and leaves my legs silky for weeks.” 

Departures Magazine explains Uni K Wax’s waxing formula as follows; “the unique formula has an elasticity to it that allows the wax to grab the hair without hardening on the skin, making removal almost painless.”  However, our proprietary high-quality wax is only one piece of the puzzle.   There is a special technique to be utilized to ensure every customer receives the best service from a specially trained and licensed hair removal specialist.  Uni K Wax has earned more than once “The Best Waxing Service in Miami” by Allure Magazine.

Being “natural, safe and affordable” – all at the same time and in a consistent manner – is what really sets Uni K Wax apart from the rest. “Though not all waxing salons/bars are as consistent, Uni K has figured it out,” Pomerantz Lustig states. “They use a green proprietary natural wax that contains pine sap, bees wax, and Aloe Vera, and each client gets their very own freshly sterilized container that is emptied afterward. (no worries about double dipping!)”

Noemi Grupenmager, CEO and Founder of Uni K Wax, is very optimistic about the future growth of Uni K Wax. “2013 will be another great year. We will see more Centers opening up, and more special offers geared to keep making our unique services affordable while safe.” She takes the opportunity to express, “I am very grateful and appreciative for our customers’ loyalty, for the work and dedication of our waxers, our employees and all our franchisees, all of which makes it possible to place Uni K Wax at the forefront of the Waxing Industry”. 

Our Holidays gift for you is one free underarms service to be redeemed in January 2013 when you spend $25 or more on services and products during this December.  Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any center as well as online or via facebook.  Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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