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Everyone at Uni K Wax Centers would like to wish our customers and the readers of this blog a very happy and healthy New Year!  We wish you nothing but success in the year ahead, and of course, smooth and healthy skin!

As readers of this blog know, we always like to have some kind of monthly special as a thank you to our loyal customers.  To start this year with a highlight, we wanted to offer something that will ensure that you will have an entire year’s worth of waxing with this special offer.  During the month of January, if you purchase a Series of 10 of the same type of services, we will add an extra 3 services for free, so that your waxing schedule will carry you into the next year for one low price, as most of our customers wax on average, every three to four weeks. There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a series, rather than scheduling and paying for each service separately each month, when you purchase a series in January, collectively you end up saving even more money throughout the year, on your regular service.

–  You can purchase a series in the store or online.
–  Any type of service form the Menu for Her or Menu for Him can be purchased as a series.
–  A series can be redeemed at any Uni K Wax location in the country.
–  You have 24 months to use up all of your purchased services.
–  You can even use your rewards points to purchase a series.

Ah, those WONDERFUL rewards points! Many new customers became Rewards Members this last year, including the introduction of the TeenClub Reward program, allowing all loyal customers to accumulate rewards points from every purchase.  This year, we are going to be doing even MORE with the Rewards Membership program to deliver even more value to our customers.

Each quarter, you will be receiving a statement giving you your balance of rewards points so that you are better able to track what you have accumulated and how many more points you need to reach to purchase whatever it is that you have set your mind to.  In addition, our Rewards Members will be receiving special emails on a regular basis this year.  These special emails will be for limited time offers.  For example, you might receive an email that lets you know that over the next two days there will be a special price for eyebrows waxing.  Or perhaps over a special holiday weekend you will receive a discount if you spend over a certain dollar amount. So if you have been reading this blog and have STILL not joined the Rewards Program, don’t wait another minute, it’s free! For those of you who are already Rewards Members, stay tuned for those emails, because they may be hitting your inbox sooner than you think!  If you need to update your information and confirm your email address, simply contact your nearest center and provide them with your current details.

Once again, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


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