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NOVEMBER IS ALL ABOUT HIM – 10% OFF Wednesdays to Sundays.

Everyone knows that October is filled with the color pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. However, most people don’t know that November is becoming a month dedicated to Men’s Health Awareness.  In fact, there is a movement called “Movember” committed to having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. What started in 2003 in Australia as 30 men growing moustaches, or “Mos”, has grown to millions of men around the world growing moustaches to support awareness for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health in the month of November. Since then, this charity foundation has raised more than $649 million.

In that spirit, Uni K Wax is featuring an offer only for HIM during November. Male Reward and TeenClub members get 10% OFF with the purchase of 3 or more services every single visit Wednesdays through Sundays*.

Waxing isn’t just for swimmers and cyclists – men of all ages, races and professions wax.  It is estimated that 94 million men over the age of 15 in the United States remove their body/facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77% (ages 18-35) “MANscape” their shoulders, backs, chests and bikini areas (Learn More).

Uni K Wax is proud to be the only company in the industry that has been offering the same exact services for men and women since its inception in 1993. This means that at Uni K Wax, a man can not only get his back and shoulders done, he can have his face done, his arms, eyebrows, chest, stomach, legs, and believe it or not, even a bikini wax, which has become one of the most popular services for men at our Centers!

All of our professional waxing staff have attended an extensive course at the Uni K Wax University where they are taught how to wax, both men and women, in the shortest amount of time, with our beneficial elastic wax and focus on customers’ comfort during the waxing experience.

Take advantage of this offer during November and visit us for a natural “ouchless” waxing experience.



*Valid for new and existing male only Uni K Wax Rewards and Teen Club Members during November 2016.  Customer must have a minimum of three services during a single visit to benefit from the 10% off the total invoice.  Not valid for packages.  Cannot be combined with any other offers, products, packages, series, or gift certificates. Code: P-Nov16-Him  No cash value.  To learn more about the Uni K Wax Rewards program, read full terms and conditions visit http://www.unikwax.com/rewards-program/. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.


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Spring is almost here and so is Spring Break! It’s time to get ready and show off your smooth and silky skin! We want to help your skin glow with a special promotion throughout March. We are offering a $10 off gift when you spend $85 or more during a single visit in March! The gift will be applied as a discount at checkout*.

This promotion is valid for all new and existing Uni K Reward and TeenClub Members only, so make sure to sign up for and start building up points! It is FREE and you can do it at your Center.

As we start to shed our winter wardrobes and break out our sleeveless shirts, shorts and skirts, there couldn’t be a better time to visit Uni K Wax to pamper your skin.  Uni K Wax Centers are centers solely dedicated to waxing and committed to providing you with the most comfortable and hygienic spa-like hair removal experience.

The secret of Uni K Wax success is the unique combination of:

– A proprietary all-natural and elastic wax, applied at body temperature to smoothly remove the hair while exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

– Exclusive waxing techniques perfected over 20 years.

– Rigorously trained waxers that you will find only at Uni K Wax Centers.

– Each Uni K Wax Center has its own on-site lab, where the wax is prepared fresh for each individual customer and discarded after use to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

No wonder Uni K Wax Centers are known to be the place where you can enjoy a professional and truly “Ouch-less” waxing experience.

So make your appointment today and enjoy the $10 off gift.  Receive an additional 2,000 reward points (equal to $2) if you book online. Why wait? Click here to book online now.



*Valid for new and existing Uni K Wax Rewards members (Her/Him/Teen) from March 1 to 31, 2016. Customers must spend $85 or more on services and/or products, during a single visit to benefit from a $10 off gift to be applied as a discount at the time of check out during any single visit Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in March, only. Does not apply to series, packages, gift cards or gift certificates. Offer valid for one customer only, cannot combine services of another customer to reach the $85 spend value or limit. The $10 off gift is not transferrable. Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. Uni K Wax TeenClub members are restricted to services offered on the TeenClub menu unless authorized for additional services. No cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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Introducing new grooming services for men – ANOTHER UNI K WAX FIRST!

Uni K Wax is proud to announce the new Boxers and Collar waxing services!  These new services are offered exclusively for men and are only available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers!

The Boxers waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for men who wear Boxers underwear as it is the softness of the fabric against this area of their body and it is also an extra level of cleanliness.  As a male customer eloquently explained “What I love from the bikini waxing is the way the bikini area feels with no hair and the way the cotton briefs feel against the skin”.  Of course, there is an intimate feeling as well when the hair is removed from this area, yet another benefit of waxing.

Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax CEO and founder, came up with this innovative service inspired by a casual conversation she had with another male customer. “He told me that men have different waxing requirements than women.  The bikini services work well for women who wear brief bikini underwear, but men’s underwear is different and for this reason, he requested that we consider waxing services to cover the different types of underwear that men wear”. Subsequently, Uni K Wax is now offering the Boxers waxing service in two different length options: short and long

While Noemi Grupenmager was creating this new service, she thought about another need men have. Noemi saw that the trend was for men to wear shirts and t-shirts that showed more of their chest, which as a boat neck shirt and longer v’neck shirts.  Noemi, then realized there were those who like to show a hairless neck line but don’t want the full chest hair removal.  That is how the two new men’s Collar waxing services were conceived – round and v-neck – so we don’t see the tuffs of hair peaking over the collar.

Waxing is the untold male grooming secret, with short and long term benefits.  It is estimated that 94 million men over the age of 15 in the United States remove their body/facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77% (ages 18-35) “MANscape” their shoulders, backs, chests and bikini areas (Learn More).   Uni K Wax is proud to be the only company in the industry that has been offering the same exact services for men and women since its inception in 1993. All of our professional waxing staff have attended an extensive course at the Uni K Wax University where they are taught how to wax, both men and women, in the shortest amount of time, with our beneficial elastic wax and focus on customers’ comfort during the waxing experience.

The launching of these new services in June, coincides with Father’s Day, and comes as a celebration of all men in our lives. Uni K Wax once again establishes itself as a pioneer and innovator in the body and face waxing industry, always looking to better serve its loyalty customers.

These 4 new services are available for unlimited touch-ups. This means that you can have the same service done within 14 days of your last wax or previous touch up at any Uni K Wax Center.  The touch-up services are also at special discount prices, as shown in the touch-up pricing list.

So to you men, we invite you to come visit any one of our many Uni K Wax locations for a unique MANscape and try our new services (prices shown in the chart on the right).  And if you’re looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life, consider purchasing a gift card at any location, or you can purchase a gift certificate online!

The Uni K wax team wishes all of you a Happy Father’s Day and enjoyable MANscaping!


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Wax for a Cure – Support MOVEMBER!

Uni K Wax is proud to partner once again this year with MOVEMBER to help raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health.  MOVEMBER is an organization committed to having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. What started in 2003 in Australia as 30 men growing moustaches, or “Mos”, has grown to millions of men around the world growing moustaches to support awareness for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health in the month of November. Since then, this charity foundation has raised $559 million and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries.

This year, Uni K Wax will donate 5% of the sales for men’s bikini waxing services, from all its Centers, performed during the month of November.



Movember is all about changing the understanding and attitudes men have towards their health. The Mo is Movember’s ribbon, it’s the catalyst for change. The goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the cause.

Funds raised in the US are directed to programs run directly by Movember, Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

Last year, Movember had its most successful year to date, with over 850,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across the globe raising a phenomenal $126.3 million USD to change the face of men’s health.

Uni K Wax is always committed to making a positive impact! Our partnership with Movember is another way to do just that! If you are a man or a woman reading this blog, we urge you to visit www.movember.com so that you can learn more about this organization and share their important information with friends, family, and loved ones.  Please help Uni K Wax support this very important cause and raise awareness for men’s health!

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Celebrate Love and Friendship

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to celebrate love and friendship with a special promotion through the month of February.  When you book an appointment for two people, you will BOTH enjoy our “Unik Couples” discount.  You can bring a friend, a co-worker, a family member or your significant other and you each get 20% OFF one of the following alternatives:

  • FOR HER X2  One Full Bikini Wax each, or
  • FOR HIM X2 One Back Wax each , or
  • FOR HIM & HER One Full Bikini Wax for her and One Back Wax for him

Something else to remember is that if the person you bring with you is a new customer, you receive 5,000 rewards point in our Uni K Rewards Program.

This promotion is valid only when the two of you book appointments and perform services at the same time. This February, express your love and friendship by sharing a natural waxing experience with someone you care about! 

How to save on waxing?

Here are some easy ways to save on waxing at Uni K Wax:

1. Join our Uni K Rewards Program and earn points redeemable on waxing services at any time and at any center. Remember to redeem your points at check out! Ask your center to enroll you. It is free! Learn More >

Earning points is simple and easy:

  • 10 points for every dollar you spend on products and services
  • 1,000 points when you pre-book your next waxing appointment
  • 2,000 points every time you book your appointment online
  • 5,000 points every time you refer a friend
  • 5,000 points on your birthday

2. Select a Package and save time and money.  Our packages are designed around some of our most popular services with generous price savings. Learn more>

3. Buy Series. Purchase six of the same services and receive one service for free. Or you can purchase 10 of the same services and receive two for free. Learn more>

Did you know that Uni K Wax may reduce hair growth?

Change your old hair removal habits and experience the “Unik Miracle”. The combination of our wax and waxing methods weakens and diminishes the hair follicle. As a result, it improves the re-growth of the hair, making it thinner, sparser, softer and lighter.  Repeating the process regularly is the key to seeing the best results. Don’t spoil results accomplished with Uni K Wax by going back to old habits!

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Everything you wanted to know about a Bikini Wax but were embarrassed to ask

Bikini Waxing is one of Uni K Wax’s best selling services for both women and men- yep for both! This is why during the month of Halloween we want to TREAT ALL our existing and new customers with a special promotion for a Bikini Wax.

We get lots of questions regarding a bikini wax…here are the most frequent Q & A’s:

Q: What is the difference among all the Bikini Wax services?

A: It might be overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple. We, at Uni K Wax, are the pioneers of the Brazilian and Full Bikini Wax. We named our Bikini Wax services as follows:

  • Bikini line: The name is self-explanatory. Removes a strip of hair along the front area outside the panty line.
  • Deep Bikini: As the name suggests, it is like a Bikini line but goes further down adding extra comfort.
  • Brazilian Bikini: Removes almost all hair, leaving only a landing strip of hair in the middle, it can be a rectangular strip (most popular) or triangular shape.
  • Full Bikini: Removes all hair in the front area leaving it completely hair free.
  • Bikini Top: Removes a straight line of hair at the top and may be added to any of our Bikini services or can be done by itself.

Q: Does a Bikini Wax hurt?

A: This is by far the most popular question. It sounds more intense than it actually is. Our elastic wax stretches to remove hair without strips and combined with our fast technique translates into a more comfortable hair removal experience for you.  In fact, Shape Magazine calls Uni K Wax the “ouch-less wax.” Our wax is always applied at body temperature making it a relaxing experience.

Q: Why would men want a Bikini Wax?

A: For the same reason women do. They don’t like hair in the area, also for hygienic and aesthetic purposes, the skin is more sensitive to the touch, they feel cleaner and neater, and gives the perception of being longer.

Q: How long does my hair need to be in order to be waxed?

A: The ideal length for hair to be removed is 1/8” to ¼”.

Q: How is Bikini Waxing more effective than shaving?

A: Uni K Wax is the smart choice to switch from shaving to waxing. Our technique weakens the hair follicle as a result your hair will start growing back slower, lighter, thinner, and sparser. On the contrary shaving will make your hair grow faster, thicker, coarser, and fuller with more than one hair growing from each pore.  Also, waxing is safer avoiding the daily nicks, cuts and in-grown hairs that come with shaving.

Q: How can I transition from shaving to waxing?

A: We offer a unique service called “Touch up,” that allows you to have the same Bikini Wax service within 12 days of your last appointment at any Uni K Wax Center. This service will help you even out the regrowth of your hair and get you to a normal hair cycle.

Q: How often should I get waxed?

A:  It depends on the hair regrowth, mostly between 4 to 6 weeks. During the summer and in some humid places it could be a little less.

Q: What can I do to feel more comfortable about getting a Bikini Wax?

A: At Uni K Wax, we specialize in the Bikini Wax and we pride ourselves on having the most professionally trained waxers that make you feel comfortable with our fast Bikini Waxing technique.

Q: How long does a Bikini Wax service take?

A: An appointment for a Bikini Wax can last 10 to 20 minutes depending on the type of service.

Q: How far in advance should I get a Bikini Wax before wearing a swimsuit?

A: 1 or 2 days is fine. If your skin is sensitive, don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the exposed area.

Q: When is the ideal time to wax?

A: Anytime is a good time to get waxed, but if you have your period and are very sensitive, refrain during those days.

Q: How should I take care of my skin in between waxing services?

A: You need to keep your skin healthy and hydrated in order to have a good waxing experience. Make sure to drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside out and use skin products to take care of your skin. Uni K Wax Centers has developed a complete collection of skin care products including: Citrus Body Polish to exfoliate dead skin cells, Body Perfect Dry Oil which should be used daily and Ultimate Balm to seal in the moisture.  See Uni K Wax complete Body Collection.

So now that you know a little more about a Bikini Wax, whether you are a frequent waxer or a rookie, take advantage on this month’s offer, our Halloween promotion called TRICK OR TREAT? We are offering a treat of a 20% discount for both HIM and HER on all Bikini Waxing Services (except on bikini tough-ups or buttocks strips) for the month of October, Sunday s through Tuesday s between 2- 5pm (except blackout dates). Looking forward to seeing you in one of our Centers. Happy Halloween!

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Uni K Wax 101 – The Basics

Why is Uni K Wax definitely unique (“unik”)?   We could say that because we created the Brazilian Bikini Wax, which we did, or that we were pioneers in the the waxing industry by making waxing something more than an afterthought and creating the first dedicated specialized wax only centers, which we did.  But there are a number of reasons that specifically allow us to accomplish what we do, and sometimes it’s the most basic things that are the most important.  Since we are a waxing center, we should of course start with the wax.

Our wax is unique in a number of ways.  We have designed our own wax to have certain properties that other waxes don’t.    It took years to develop an all natural wax with the proper elasticity to remove the unwanted hair from the root, without pulling on the skin.  Hard waxes will break and crack, making the wax difficult to remove and reducing the hair removal efficiency.   Another important distinction is that our wax is applied at “body temperature”. This is an extremely important distinction because if the wax is too hot, not only it can be uncomfortable but sometimes even burn the person getting waxed.  Last but not least ours is a 100% all natural and gluten-free wax making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin.  We make our wax fresh every day in our prized manufacturing facilities in Florida.  This all combines to make for a gentle long-lasting hair removal waxing experience that exfoliates the skin, softens the skin, and leaves it silky smooth.  Noemi Grupenmager puts it this way: “A waxing center needs the foundation of a high-quality wax.  Our superior and elastic green wax is without a doubt singular and can be found only at Uni K Wax Centers.”

However a high-quality wax is only one piece of the puzzle.  There is a basic understanding of the body that a waxer needs to have in order to properly remove hair.  Grupenmager continues, “It isn’t as simple as slapping on some wax and pulling it off the body.  There is a technique that needs to be utilized and we are very specific with the technique we use.”  Indeed, she is correct.

Uni K Wax Centers has developed a rigorous training program for each and every waxer that ensures every customer receives the best service from an educated licensed hair removal specialist.  Our waxers must attend Uni K University and become certified in our exclusive technique.  They are trained in the theory and practice of antisepsis and asepsis; the principles of cleanliness and disinfection; the functionality and physiology of the body’s largest organ, the skin; contraindications and adverse reactions; hair growth patterns; pre and post-depilatory care and professional customer interaction.

Superior wax, exclusive applications techniques mastered by highly trained professionals are the basic foundations of our unmatched quality.  When you add to that, beautifully decorated centers with the highest standards of hygiene, excellent customer service, affordable prices, comprehensive variety of waxing services for both men and woman, you will agree with why Uni K Wax Centers are recognized to be at the forefront of the waxing  industry for over 22 years.

As we make our way through summer, we thought it would be nice to “pamper” our customers, existing ones as well as new ones, to enjoy special discounts every Tuesday in August, from 2 to 5 pm. You get an instant $3 off regardless of the total amount you spend, or 5$ off if you spend $25 or more, and $10 0ff if you spend $60 or more.  And remember  to share this with your friends and get 5,000 award points (equivalent to another $5 off).  Call your center for details, restrictions and most importantly to book your appointment right now… before it gets full!  Online booking is also available.

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Waxing For Men, The Latest Trend

Although not completely new, the trend of men having parts of their bodies waxed has gained national attention. In the past year, you can find articles on men waxing in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Maxim, and Askmen.com. The question is not whether or not more men are being waxed, they are. The question is whether as a man it is right for you and what parts of your body you want waxed. If you are a woman who wants her man to have parts of his body waxed, how do you broach the subject without seeming insulting?

Let’s start out with some basics. The most popular area that men have waxed, as one might imagine, is the back and shoulders. For some reason it has always been somewhat of a stigma and perhaps even embarrassing to some men to have a lot of hair on their back and shoulders. Shaving one’s own back is virtually impossible so for men who want that smooth and silky feel, the only answer tends to be waxing. As with all shaving, it needs to be repeated quite frequently. If a man has a partner that is willing to shave his back, that’s great, but it can grow quickly and become itchy fast. With waxing, a man can go anywhere from four to six weeks without needing to wax again, depending on the amount of hair. Another benefit that men are realizing is something that women realized long ago. Each time a man waxes, the hair that comes back is finer, less dense, and fewer in number. Far and away men are figuring out that this is the way to go and the stigma of men coming into a salon to have this done is less and less.

Uni K Wax was not only the FIRST waxing only center in the United States, but also the first waxing center to offer all of the services it offers to women to men. The name “Uni K Wax” refers to “unique” in that it was the first waxing only center and “Uni” refers to uni-sex. Founded in 1993 by Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax has been at the forefront of men getting waxed and specializes in the proper techniques for them. That means that at Uni K Wax, a man can not only get his back and shoulders done, he can have his face done, his arms, eyebrows, chest, stomach, legs, and believe it or not, even a bikini wax!  So, if you are a woman reading this, how do you get your male counterpart to give waxing a try? First of all, start with something simple, NOT the bikini wax. Second, Uni K Wax has a special for the month of June that is just for you and your man!

Uni K Wax is committed to serve men and women equally and to make their waxing experience positive, affordable and rewarding. That is why, June is not only Father’s day month at Uni K Wax Centers but a Unique Celebration for All Men. Uni K Wax is offering 15% OFF for ALL MEN, ALL SERVICES, ALL JUNE!  An opportunity for new male customers to try waxing, existing customers to try new services and an opportunity for woman to encourage their men to experience a natural waxing. Men, if you are already waxing, we would love to hear your comments. And if your girlfriend or wife just bought you a ticket to our center, we would love to hear about your first waxing experience!

Remember that this unique offer is valid only during June 2012, however, it will not be honored during blackout dates (June 27-July 4).  You must mention this email or ad to redeem the promotion.  This offer is for one time use per customer and a photo ID is required. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. Click here to see the services available for men and prices before discount.

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Uni K Celebrates Super Dads! June 19, 2011

Dad’s sure knows best about a lot of things, but you can help

him put his best face (and body) forward this Father’s Day,

June 19, 2011 with a gift certificate from Uni K Wax Centers

to enhance his features:

  • Turn his “man brow” into a boardroom power brow… polish up his act with our nose waxing services… take off ten year off his age with our ear waxing services
  • lift some of the weight and hair off his shoulders with Uni K’s superior shoulder waxing
  • improve his stroke and the look of his arms on the golf course with our amazing arm waxing services
  • have him looking his best pool side and on the beach with our chest waxing
  • show him how you have his back with our full, upper and lower back waxing services
  • give him a boost and a leg up on life with our full leg waxing packages
  • and have him strutting his stuff in his“sockless” sandals with our feet first toe waxing services.

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