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As we reach the end of 2015, Uni K Wax is very proud to continue to lead and stay at the forefront of the waxing industry.   Thank you all for your loyalty and support!

As a token of appreciation to all our loyal Rewards Members, we want to give you a Holiday Gift –  free underarms service, to be redeemed in January 2016, when you spend $50 or more (him/her) or $30 or more (teen) on services and/or products during any single visit during the month of December. 

Innovation continues in 2015

When Uni K Wax opened its first Center in 1993, the founder and CEO, Noemi Grupenmager, envisioned a waxing-only center to offer services for both men and women which would raise the industry standards.  It is that innovative thinking that allowed Uni K Wax to bring to the market a unique all-natural, hygienic and ouchless body waxing experience. When we read customers’ testimonials, or different media publications, we know Noemi’s vision has become a reality.  Everyone describes their visit at Uni K Wax as “the most comfortable waxing experience they have had”.

Staying on top requires forward thinking and a relentless desire to be the best.  Noemi Grupenmager says: “It is not in my nature to stand still.  I always like to look forward and find ways to make our Centers and the waxing experiences they provide, even better than they already are.  That’s not an easy task as we have set the bar very high.” During the past year, Uni K Wax has been featured in multiple media outlets for the many “firsts” Uni K Wax keeps bringing to the industry. From January to November, Uni K Wax has enjoyed over 2,467,199,789 Circulation and 2,508,488,789 Impressions from the Media.

In 2015, Uni K Wax continued to enrich the “all natural waxing experience” with new innovative services and Center openings.  Some of the key events that occurred during the year included:

     – The launch of the new Boxers and Collar waxing services exclusively for men and only available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers. Read more about these two new services in our June blog

     – The introduction of the new Boyshorts waxing service offered exclusively for women and available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers. The Boyshorts waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for this area of the body against the softness of the fabric as well as provide an extra level of cleanliness.

     – Adding more Touch-up services to the Touch-up menu as well as extending the time for a service to be eligible for a Touch-up, from 12 to 14 days. This means that you can have the same service done within 14 days of your last wax or previous Touch-up at any Uni K Wax Center at special discount prices, as shown in the Touch-up pricing list. Read more in our July Blog.

     – Opening a new Center in Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time.

     – Expanding in Manhattan, with the opening of new Centers in Hells Kitchen, Cooper Square and East Village.

     – Great exposure for our new High Precision Tweezers available in many colors was not only well embraced by customers but the media gave them excellent reviews as well – Girls’ Life, Genlux, Beauty Sweet Spot and Hollywood Life.

     – The introduction of “The Featured Package of the Month.”  A special monthly package which is offered at a discounted price, only for that specific month. This is yet another way we offer our customers opportunities to save on their waxing services.

This month’s featured “Festive Season Package”, includes Full Face, Full Legs and Underarms for a reduced priced of $112 for her ($28 off the regular price) and $144 for him ($36 off the regular price).

Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any Center as well as online or via Facebook. 

Noemi Grupenmager is very optimistic and looking forward to the many exciting plans for 2016.  She takes the opportunity to express, “I am very grateful and appreciative for our customers’ loyalty and the dedication of each Uni K Wax Center”. 

As we reach the end of 2015 and start 2016, we want wish you and your families a very happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year!

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It’s the end of the year once again and all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to continue to lead and stay at the forefront of the waxing industry.   When we opened our first center in 1993, we were the first to bring to the body waxing industry the unique concept of a professional “waxing only” Center for both men and women. We created the first all-natural elastic wax applied at body temperature. We were the pioneers in the techniques that reduce ingrown hair and redness. Most importantly, we brought the first pain-free body waxing experience to the market.

When we read in our customers testimonials, or the different media publications, that they describe their visit at Uni K Wax as the most comfortable waxing experience,  then we know we are fulfilling our goal.

Just this past month, Metro New York, featured Uni K Wax Centers in an article titled, “Skip the Advil – Uni K offers a pain-free waxing experience – no joke” . The article spotlights Uni K Wax Centers’ hygienic, affordable and painless experience. The editor introduces Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K as “…your fairy godmother – who spent three years perfecting the formula for her all-natural ‘ouchless, elastic wax’ before starting the hair removal franchise in 1993.”

Staying on top requires listening to our customers and constantly providing them with new ground-breaking products and services. Noemi Grupenmager is very optimistic about the future growth of Uni K Wax. “We expect 2015 to be another outstanding year. We will continue to see more Centers opening across the country and even more innovations, both in products and services. I am very grateful for our customers’ loyalty, for the work and dedication of our waxers, our employees and all our franchisees, all of which helps place Uni K Wax at the forefront of the Waxing Industry year after year”.

Our Holiday gift for you is one free underarms waxing service to be redeemed in January 2015 when you spend $45 or more (him/her) or $25 or more (teen) on services and/or products during one single visit this December*.  Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any Center as well as online or via FacebookGive your loved ones the gift of the most comfortable waxing experience!

As we reach the end of 2014 and start 2015, everyone at Uni K Wax Centers want to thank you for your loyalty and wish you and your families a very happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year !

 *Valid for Uni K Rewards or TeenClub members only. One free underarms wax for her, him, or teen redeemable in January (between 1-2-2015 to 1-31-2015), when you spend $45 or more (him/her) or $25 or more (teen), in services and/or products during a single visit in December 2014. Must present valid Photo ID. One time use only. Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. No cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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No Trick, OUR TREAT!

We don’t know what kind of outfit you are planning on wearing this Halloween, but we wanted you to be fully prepared for anything!  With that in mind we are running a special that entitles you to a 15% discount off your total bill when you receive three services during one visit. Depending on the costume, you might want more than three! This October, Sundays through Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm up until and including October 22, ALL men, women and teens, new or returning customers, are eligible for this discount.

This October’s special lends itself to racking up some reward points.  There are a number of ways to build reward points and one of those is getting 10 points for every $1 that you spend.  By taking advantage of this month’s 15% discount, you will be booking three services and not just one, which can help build those reward points quickly.  You can even book the three services on line and get 2,000 additional rewards points.  While you are at it, why not bring a friend to enjoy a 10% discount and receive a further 5,000 rewards points! So make sure to sign up for the free Uni K Rewards Program, if you haven’t yet, and start building up points and save money!


Tips for customers coming in for waxing from Noemi Grupenmager herself!

Question:  Often after any type of facial wax (eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.) and a workout, a breakout usually follows. Is there any way to avoid the breakout without having to skip my sweat session? 

Answer:  A wax session at Uni K Wax will not result in a breakout, so yes there is away to avoid a breakout, visit Uni K Wax Centers.  This is because Uni K Wax uses an all-natural elastic wax, which moisturizes the skin as it gently opens the pores to remove the hair with minimal discomfort, then a soothing chamomile gel is applied on the waxed area.   All of these procedures are unique to Uni K Wax, which is why we can promote that there is no break out following a visit to our centers.  For those who are unable to visit a Uni K Wax Center, there are other things that you can do to minimize breakouts though.  Choose a wax that is not hot, and contains no chemicals, is gentle on the skin and does not cause discomfort.

Sometimes our friends like to tell us some “fun facts” and here are some that you may or may not have known about waxing! (As published on Beauty News LA)

  • –  4000 – 3000 BC: First evidence of total body hair removal in Ancient India
  • –  $30: average cost of bikini wax
  • –  4-5 weeks: between waxing treatments
  • –  77%: number of guys (ages 18-34) who admit to Manscaping
  • –  ¼”: length of hair before hair is ready for waxing treatment
  • –  3-6 minutes: how long to keep at-home hair removal creams on body
  • –  1993: Year the “Brazilian Bikini Wax” was coined by Noemi Grupenmager
  • –  500-1200 nanometers: wavelength of laser in hair removal
  • –  5: number of uses you can get out of a disposable razor blade
  • –  18th century: first modern-day razor created
  • –  33139: zip code of the first waxing-only center (Uni K Wax Center)

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Waxing made all-natural, safe and affordable!

As we reach the end of 2012, all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to have provided another year of natural, safe, and affordable waxing for both women and men.  As we start 2013, we continue our commitment to our core principles of “natural”, “safe”, and “affordable”.   After all, those are precisely what sets us apart and attracts our customers!

It’s always easy for us to sing our own praises, but it is even better when our customers do it for us. Especially if it comes from a well known beauty editor for Glamour Magazine! “I go to the Uni K Wax center chain and find they’re geniuses at giving you excellent, consistent results at a great price,” says Andrea Pomerantz Lustig in her recently released book How to Look Expensive , which as the cover so eloquently puts it, is about looking great without breaking the bank.

Uni K Wax has always wanted to make waxing accessible to as many people as possible while ensuring a safe and natural hair removal experience.  So when Andrea describes her bikini wax experience at Uni K Wax,”…(It) costs just $25 and is so pain-free it almost feels like I am at a spa,” we knew that we had hit the proverbial nail on the head.  Editor-in-Chief of Shape Magazine, Tara Kraft, gives a similar description when she refers to Uni K Wax’s all-natural wax that “makes “ouch” a thing of the past and leaves my legs silky for weeks.” 

Departures Magazine explains Uni K Wax’s waxing formula as follows; “the unique formula has an elasticity to it that allows the wax to grab the hair without hardening on the skin, making removal almost painless.”  However, our proprietary high-quality wax is only one piece of the puzzle.   There is a special technique to be utilized to ensure every customer receives the best service from a specially trained and licensed hair removal specialist.  Uni K Wax has earned more than once “The Best Waxing Service in Miami” by Allure Magazine.

Being “natural, safe and affordable” – all at the same time and in a consistent manner – is what really sets Uni K Wax apart from the rest. “Though not all waxing salons/bars are as consistent, Uni K has figured it out,” Pomerantz Lustig states. “They use a green proprietary natural wax that contains pine sap, bees wax, and Aloe Vera, and each client gets their very own freshly sterilized container that is emptied afterward. (no worries about double dipping!)”

Noemi Grupenmager, CEO and Founder of Uni K Wax, is very optimistic about the future growth of Uni K Wax. “2013 will be another great year. We will see more Centers opening up, and more special offers geared to keep making our unique services affordable while safe.” She takes the opportunity to express, “I am very grateful and appreciative for our customers’ loyalty, for the work and dedication of our waxers, our employees and all our franchisees, all of which makes it possible to place Uni K Wax at the forefront of the Waxing Industry”. 

Our Holidays gift for you is one free underarms service to be redeemed in January 2013 when you spend $25 or more on services and products during this December.  Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any center as well as online or via facebook.  Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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Look and Feel Your Best This Holiday Season

The clock is ticking and the busy holiday season is fast approaching.  Let Uni K Wax Centers  help you look and feel your best throughout the hectic weeks and month ahead.

 Here are 5 time saving tips for a healthier holiday season –

1. Plan. Simplify to reduce holiday stress. Make a pre-season list and plan out accordingly.

2. Let people help. When having guests, reduce hosting stress by allowing them to bring part of the meal which can actually make them feel more at home.

3. Read something meaningful. Volunteer to help those in need. Grow personally every single day.

4. Invite someone you know who will be alone to join the family for a holiday meal.

5. Shop and schedule online. We offer convenient online scheduling at every one of our Uni K Wax Centers as well as sell our Uni K Body Collection products to keep your skin looking fabulous in between waxing services.

Also check out these time saving apps for your android and iPhones. Click here for more.


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Liberate Your Weekend with the Best Bikini Wax Ever

The Best bikini wax ever


Did you know that many of our customers call our bikini waxing services a “liberating” experience? “Liberating” in the sense that they feel clean, confident and hair-free with the smoothest, softest skin ever.

We started this liberation movement in South Beach, Florida in 1993 when we revolutionized the world of waxing. We were the very first and only all-natural waxing Center with the best face and full body hair removal services for men and women. It was at our Uni K Wax Center in Miami that the Brazilian Bikini wax was created to accommodate the fashionable “string” bikini. Our Brazilian Bikini is now a very popular service world-wide. So popular in fact that we’ve actually received awards and rave reviews from Allure, InStyle, Ocean Drive, TimeOut and Shape Magazines for our amazing waxing services.

We are also quickly developing a loyal customer base through word-of-mouth recommendations, one happy customer at a time.

And for the month of July, we have a special offer on our amazing Body Collection products. Get a Free Sun Pro for Face SPF 30 when you buy our Body Perfect Dry Oil Spray with Orchid Flower and Ultimate Balm Moisturizer with Green Tea and Cucumber.

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Happy Holidays from Uni K Wax Centers


waxing center bikini wax

The holiday season is here and whether you are busy baking, shopping, trying on the ultimate black cocktail dress or busy getting beautiful for holiday events, don’t forget to schedule your Uni K Wax service in advance.

For the Holiday Season if you schedule your service by 12/10/2010 to get waxed on a Sunday through Wednesday (12/19/2010 to 12/22/2010), you will earn 5,000 Reward Points ($5.00 savings) and if you schedule to get waxed on a Thursday through Friday (12/23/2010 and 12/24/2010) you will earn 3,000 Reward Points ($3.00 savings).

 For New Year’s Eve, if you schedule your service by 12/17/2010 to get waxed on a Sunday through Wednesday (12/26/2010 through 12/29/2010), you will earn 5,000 Reward Points ($5.00 savings) and if you schedule to get waxed on a Thursday through Friday (12/30/2010 and 12/31/2010) you will earn 3,000 Reward Points ($3.00 savings).

 And of course, you can add 2,000 ($2.00) Reward Points if you book ahead on line.

 This special Holiday Rewards Program offer starts November 16th and ends on December 31st 2010.  Thank you for being a fan of Uni K. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter at Uni K Wax Centers.

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