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Go Green! Get Points!

This April, lets celebrate “Earth Day” all month long with DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS for every service and product you purchase! *

On April 22nd each year there are Earth Day celebrations held in more than 192 countries around the world. Earth Day is meant to show support for protecting the environment.

At Uni K Wax we are proud to be environmentally conscious and to offer our customers a “Green” alternative for hair removal. We have developed a proprietary eco-friendly natural wax which took three years of in-depth laboratory research to perfect:

–  Made from 100% natural ingredients
–  Environmentally friendly
–  Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and non-toxic
–  Vegan friendly and gluten free
–  Made in the USA with a low carbon footprint
–  And it happens to also have a green color…

A wax that today is referred to as the Elastic “Ouchless” Wax because when it is removed, it provides little if any discomfort.  Applied at body temperature and specifically made for sensitive skin, it gently removes hair and at the same time exfoliates and nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and silky.

So this April, “Go Green”, go to Uni K Wax and get twice the points for every dollar you spend on services and products. To get those double points you must be enrolled in our Uni K Reward or TeenClub Programs.  If you are not, don’t worry, you simply sign up at your Center, it is FREE and you can start earning points!



* Valid for new and existing Uni K Wax Rewards and TeenClub Members. Double points are rewarded on sales and services purchases from 4/1/2016 to 4/30/2016, after checkout. This double reward points offer is not applicable to the purchase of packages, series or gift certificates or actions such as: Appointments booked on-line, Pre-book, Customer Birthday, or Customer Referral. Cannot be combined with other offers, and points are not rewarded at the time of series redemption. No cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.






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TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS at Uni K Wax during September!

This September Uni K Wax is rewarding ALL its customers for their loyalty with TRIPLE rewards points for every dollar they spend in services and products. Women, men and teens can all benefit from this offer, as long as they are Rewards or TeenClub members.

The good news is that membership in our Rewards program (her and him) and TeenClub program is FREE. 

Here are some great features of our Rewards and TeenClub programs:

1.  Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your Rewards card or TeenClub card.

2.  It’s FREE!  There is no annual fee, no minimum amount of visits.

3.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

4.  Not only will you receive points that translate into dollars that can be used at any Uni K Wax Center, but also entitles you to participate in many special offers throughout the year (like the one this month). Learn more about how to earn points at our website.

Make sure to sign up at your next visit if you haven’t yet and receive triple points during the month of September.

The celebrations continue as we commemorate the second anniversary of our TeenClub. A program, unique to Uni K Wax, designed exclusively for teens, 17 years and under.  Our TeenClub offers a select services menu with special pricing and most importantly, we know that when teens come to our centers, they experience the Uni K Wax treatment by our qualified waxers, specially trained to wax sensitive skin.

As a token of our appreciation to our teen customers, who keep making this exceptional program so successful, we are giving every teen customer a FREE TeenClub bag after every appointment at Uni K Wax during September (TeenClub bag shown in the picture above).  No minimum purchase is needed!  These great and versatile bags can be used for school, travel or to carry things inside your purse.  You can return for another service on another day, and receive another TeenClub bag for free.  This offer is valid while supply last, so hurry and make your appointment now.

Last but not least, Uni K Wax is proud to announce the new Boyshorts waxing services offered exclusively for women and available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers!

The Boyshorts waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for this area of the body against the softness of the fabric as well as provide extra level of cleanliness.  The introduction of this new service follows the Boxer waxing services introduced back in June for men only.

So this September, come visit any of our Uni K Wax Centers and enjoy TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS.  PLUS if you are a teen, get your TeenClub Bag after your appointment; if you are a woman try our new Boyshorts waxing service and if you are a man, and haven’t tried it yet, go for the Boxer or Collar waxing service!!!







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Membership has its Rewards!

This month’s offer, “Share the Love, Refer a Friend”, is great for both the “friend” and the person “sharing”.  Refer a friend and we will give you 10,000 reward points (equal to $10) and your friend gets 10% off his or her first visit.

Our Uni K Rewards Program is growing every year into what we believe is the most “rewarding” in the industry!  Our program is designed to reward you for everything you do at Uni K Wax Centers from booking online to purchasing products and services.  EVERYTHING earns you points!  Simple rule for rewards points: For every 1,000 points you earn you get $1 of value, redeemable on any product or service at your next visit. Easy, right? So, knowing that simple rule, we want to share with you some ways to rack up those points quickly!

–  On your Birthday earn 5,000 reward points.
–  Refer a friend and earn 5,000 reward points.  (This month is double the points)
–  Pre book your appointment and earn 1,000 points.
–  Book online and earn 2,000 points.

The benefits only start there. We are committed to provide even more advantages to our Reward Members. As you may have noticed during January, we rolled out our first email special “one day” promo! In honor of the Grammy Awards, Uni K Rewards Members received 10% off facial waxing services for the day!  The best part of the offer, aside from the 10% off of course, was that you could easily follow a link, book your appointment online, and get 2,000 reward points without even picking up the phone! You will be seeing a lot more of these surprise promotions throughout the year, so if you are not enrolled yet, it’s not too late, sign up at your local Uni k Wax Center… don’t miss any other rewarding opportunities!

Here are some useful things to remember:

1. Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your card.

2. We have a special rewards program for teens 17 years old and under, the TeenClub, which in addition to the points has the benefit of discounted prices for the most common services for a teen.

3.  ALWAYS bring your Uni K Rewards or TeenClub card to your appointment and give it to the receptionist to scan when you arrive so she can ensure that you receive the appropriate points and avoid duplicate accounts.

4.  It’s FREE!  Yep, enrollment is free and there is no annual fee.  There is no minimum amount of visits and the points never expire!

5.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

6.  When you refer a friend, make sure they write your name on the new customer intake form.

7. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer, which means no limits on the rewards you can earn!

Speaking of opportunities, a gentle reminder that February 14th is Valentine’s Day.  What could be a better gift than a gift certificate for a Uni K Wax session? You can go online and purchase a beautiful gift certificate from our web site and choose from a number of designs.  We even have a design specifically for Valentine’s Day!  Just click HERE and get a gift certificate for that someone special. You have the option to email it or print it yourself.

Have a wonderful month and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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No Trick, OUR TREAT!

We don’t know what kind of outfit you are planning on wearing this Halloween, but we wanted you to be fully prepared for anything!  With that in mind we are running a special that entitles you to a 15% discount off your total bill when you receive three services during one visit. Depending on the costume, you might want more than three! This October, Sundays through Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm up until and including October 22, ALL men, women and teens, new or returning customers, are eligible for this discount.

This October’s special lends itself to racking up some reward points.  There are a number of ways to build reward points and one of those is getting 10 points for every $1 that you spend.  By taking advantage of this month’s 15% discount, you will be booking three services and not just one, which can help build those reward points quickly.  You can even book the three services on line and get 2,000 additional rewards points.  While you are at it, why not bring a friend to enjoy a 10% discount and receive a further 5,000 rewards points! So make sure to sign up for the free Uni K Rewards Program, if you haven’t yet, and start building up points and save money!


Tips for customers coming in for waxing from Noemi Grupenmager herself!

Question:  Often after any type of facial wax (eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.) and a workout, a breakout usually follows. Is there any way to avoid the breakout without having to skip my sweat session? 

Answer:  A wax session at Uni K Wax will not result in a breakout, so yes there is away to avoid a breakout, visit Uni K Wax Centers.  This is because Uni K Wax uses an all-natural elastic wax, which moisturizes the skin as it gently opens the pores to remove the hair with minimal discomfort, then a soothing chamomile gel is applied on the waxed area.   All of these procedures are unique to Uni K Wax, which is why we can promote that there is no break out following a visit to our centers.  For those who are unable to visit a Uni K Wax Center, there are other things that you can do to minimize breakouts though.  Choose a wax that is not hot, and contains no chemicals, is gentle on the skin and does not cause discomfort.

Sometimes our friends like to tell us some “fun facts” and here are some that you may or may not have known about waxing! (As published on Beauty News LA)

  • –  4000 – 3000 BC: First evidence of total body hair removal in Ancient India
  • –  $30: average cost of bikini wax
  • –  4-5 weeks: between waxing treatments
  • –  77%: number of guys (ages 18-34) who admit to Manscaping
  • –  ¼”: length of hair before hair is ready for waxing treatment
  • –  3-6 minutes: how long to keep at-home hair removal creams on body
  • –  1993: Year the “Brazilian Bikini Wax” was coined by Noemi Grupenmager
  • –  500-1200 nanometers: wavelength of laser in hair removal
  • –  5: number of uses you can get out of a disposable razor blade
  • –  18th century: first modern-day razor created
  • –  33139: zip code of the first waxing-only center (Uni K Wax Center)

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Spring into Smooth Skin!

With spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to bring out your bathing suits and show your smooth and silky skin! We want to help your skin glow with a special promotion throughout March. No matter what kind of service you choose, Sundays thru Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm, you will enjoy a 20% discount! As we start to shed our winter wardrobes and break out the bikinis and skirts, there couldn’t be a better time to visit a Uni K Waxing Center and pamper your skin.

This promotion is valid for all new and existing Uni K Reward Members only, so make sure to sign up for the Uni K Rewards Program and start building up points!  This March, show your skin some love and visit your nearest Uni K Wax Center! Even better, let a friend know and bring them along also! It’s a great way to earn 5000 Rewards points, which is equal to $5 that you can use towards any product or service!

How to prepare for your Spring Waxing!

Here are some generic helpful tips to remember:

*   Let your hair grow out about one-eighth to one- quarter of an inch before going in for waxing.
*   If you are sensitive during your menstrual cycle, you might want to avoid a bikini wax during those days.
*   Alcohol tightens the pores, so it is not a good idea to consume before getting waxed.
*   Using sun protection is always recommended when exposing your skin to the sun and it is especially important   during the first 24 hours after waxing in order to avoid redness.
*   Let your waxer know of any medications you’re taking.  If you are under the use of AHA, Renova®, Retin-A® or corticosteroids such as hydro-cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog®, and Elocon® you SHOULD NOT get waxed in the treated areas. If you are under the treatment of Accutane® you  SHOULD NOT get waxed.

However… THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL – Choosing the right place to wax!
Uni K Wax Centers are centers solely dedicated to waxing and committed to providing you with the highest quality and most comfortable spa-like hair removal experience.
How can they achieve this? Because they have developed a “Unik” combination of a proprietary all-natural and elastic wax applied at body temperature, exclusive waxing techniques, and rigorously trained waxers that you will find only at Uni K Wax Centers.

Did you know that Uni K’s wax exfoliates your skin?
Your skin loses about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute, even though you do not see it happening. This is why exfoliating is so important to keep that healthy glow! Unik’s wax not only removes unwanted hair, but it removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it silky smooth and vigorous!

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Uni K Wax 101 – The Basics

Why is Uni K Wax definitely unique (“unik”)?   We could say that because we created the Brazilian Bikini Wax, which we did, or that we were pioneers in the the waxing industry by making waxing something more than an afterthought and creating the first dedicated specialized wax only centers, which we did.  But there are a number of reasons that specifically allow us to accomplish what we do, and sometimes it’s the most basic things that are the most important.  Since we are a waxing center, we should of course start with the wax.

Our wax is unique in a number of ways.  We have designed our own wax to have certain properties that other waxes don’t.    It took years to develop an all natural wax with the proper elasticity to remove the unwanted hair from the root, without pulling on the skin.  Hard waxes will break and crack, making the wax difficult to remove and reducing the hair removal efficiency.   Another important distinction is that our wax is applied at “body temperature”. This is an extremely important distinction because if the wax is too hot, not only it can be uncomfortable but sometimes even burn the person getting waxed.  Last but not least ours is a 100% all natural and gluten-free wax making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin.  We make our wax fresh every day in our prized manufacturing facilities in Florida.  This all combines to make for a gentle long-lasting hair removal waxing experience that exfoliates the skin, softens the skin, and leaves it silky smooth.  Noemi Grupenmager puts it this way: “A waxing center needs the foundation of a high-quality wax.  Our superior and elastic green wax is without a doubt singular and can be found only at Uni K Wax Centers.”

However a high-quality wax is only one piece of the puzzle.  There is a basic understanding of the body that a waxer needs to have in order to properly remove hair.  Grupenmager continues, “It isn’t as simple as slapping on some wax and pulling it off the body.  There is a technique that needs to be utilized and we are very specific with the technique we use.”  Indeed, she is correct.

Uni K Wax Centers has developed a rigorous training program for each and every waxer that ensures every customer receives the best service from an educated licensed hair removal specialist.  Our waxers must attend Uni K University and become certified in our exclusive technique.  They are trained in the theory and practice of antisepsis and asepsis; the principles of cleanliness and disinfection; the functionality and physiology of the body’s largest organ, the skin; contraindications and adverse reactions; hair growth patterns; pre and post-depilatory care and professional customer interaction.

Superior wax, exclusive applications techniques mastered by highly trained professionals are the basic foundations of our unmatched quality.  When you add to that, beautifully decorated centers with the highest standards of hygiene, excellent customer service, affordable prices, comprehensive variety of waxing services for both men and woman, you will agree with why Uni K Wax Centers are recognized to be at the forefront of the waxing  industry for over 22 years.

As we make our way through summer, we thought it would be nice to “pamper” our customers, existing ones as well as new ones, to enjoy special discounts every Tuesday in August, from 2 to 5 pm. You get an instant $3 off regardless of the total amount you spend, or 5$ off if you spend $25 or more, and $10 0ff if you spend $60 or more.  And remember  to share this with your friends and get 5,000 award points (equivalent to another $5 off).  Call your center for details, restrictions and most importantly to book your appointment right now… before it gets full!  Online booking is also available.

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The Right Time for Girls to Begin Waxing

There has been tremendous debate about when a girl should begin waxing.  There are of course the extreme stories that make the most headlines and these are usually cases of parents being overzealous with beauty pageants.  Uni K Wax has a different take on this.  Why should we focus on all of the negative stuff when there are so many positive things that can come from getting waxed?

So when is the right time?  What many mothers don’t know is that girls are going for wax treatments younger than before, mostly for removing hair on their lower legs, upper lip and eyebrows.  As parents, we all look around and see that girls are maturing at an earlier age; our daughters and granddaughters at 11 look like we did at 14 and 15.  We may try to hold back the years, but the reality is that girls are physically maturing at an earlier age, while emotionally, they are still little girls, even if they don’t look like it.  So it is our job as parents and mothers to guide them through the changes in their bodies.  For those parents who would love to take their daughters to have their legs waxed but “think” they are too young or that it will be “too painful”, nothing could be further from the truth!

Waxing is going through a revolution.  It is more popular than ever for a number of reasons.  Although there is the initial sting when the wax comes off, that sting goes away within moments and best of all, there is no danger of having a terrible cut from a razor that takes weeks to heal.   And waxing lasts a LOT longer as we all know.  Shaving removes hair at skin level only, and hair reappears in one to four days.  By continually cutting the hair you are, in fact, stimulating its growth. What’s more, over time with shaving, this growth will become stronger, darker and denser. Waxing, on the other hand, removes hair below the skin level, which is why it’s a fairly long-lasting method of hair removal – it can last from 3 to 6 weeks. Better yet, the hair grows in softer, not stubbly.

A common complaint that some people have is that the wax could go on too hot and burn a young girl’s skin.  What’s great about Uni K Wax Centers is that our special wax is applied at body temperature, making the application warm and soothing.  There is no risk of getting burned.  More importantly, our wax remains elastic so it removes your unwanted hair without pulling on your skin. Our elastic wax combined with our special technique eliminates the risk of breaking the hair, which results in longer-lasting, smooth and hairless skin.

Noemi Grupenmager, the founder of Uni K Wax Centers, puts it this way. “One of the things as parents we are particularly concerned with is that our kids are comfortable and confident.  As young girls develop, some earlier than others, they might be the first to have hair on their legs, or perhaps their upper lip.  Unfortunately, as many women can attest to, young girls can be mean.  Boys can also be cruel.  The prevention of bullying in schools has taken center stage and waxing can be used to help. There is no reason for a young girl to feel embarrassed at PE or in the pool. What we do at Uni K Wax Centers is make it easy and comfortable for young girls and teens to go through the process, and letting them know that what they are doing is completely safe.  This is particularly important to young teens who are feeling the need to have their first bikini wax or “tweens” who are having their first waxing experience.”

“At Uni K Wax, we want to let young girls know that there is NOTHING to be embarrassed about and that waxing can be something that is natural, pleasant, and most of all safe!”, Noemi continues. “We are so confident that your daughters and granddaughters will enjoy their waxing experience we have decided, for the entire month of July (starting the 5th) , girls 15 and younger who are first timers will receive a 50% discount on all waxing services Sunday through Wednesday.“

Remember that referring a friend or a relative also entitles you to 5,000 points in our Rewards Program so this month let a young friend or relative know that she can get 50% off her first visit. This is worth sharing, emailing and tweeting…


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Happy Holidays from Uni K Wax Centers


waxing center bikini wax

The holiday season is here and whether you are busy baking, shopping, trying on the ultimate black cocktail dress or busy getting beautiful for holiday events, don’t forget to schedule your Uni K Wax service in advance.

For the Holiday Season if you schedule your service by 12/10/2010 to get waxed on a Sunday through Wednesday (12/19/2010 to 12/22/2010), you will earn 5,000 Reward Points ($5.00 savings) and if you schedule to get waxed on a Thursday through Friday (12/23/2010 and 12/24/2010) you will earn 3,000 Reward Points ($3.00 savings).

 For New Year’s Eve, if you schedule your service by 12/17/2010 to get waxed on a Sunday through Wednesday (12/26/2010 through 12/29/2010), you will earn 5,000 Reward Points ($5.00 savings) and if you schedule to get waxed on a Thursday through Friday (12/30/2010 and 12/31/2010) you will earn 3,000 Reward Points ($3.00 savings).

 And of course, you can add 2,000 ($2.00) Reward Points if you book ahead on line.

 This special Holiday Rewards Program offer starts November 16th and ends on December 31st 2010.  Thank you for being a fan of Uni K. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter at Uni K Wax Centers.

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