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Spring is almost here and so is Spring Break! It’s time to get ready and show off your smooth and silky skin! We want to help your skin glow with a special promotion throughout March. We are offering a $10 off gift when you spend $85 or more during a single visit in March! The gift will be applied as a discount at checkout*.

This promotion is valid for all new and existing Uni K Reward and TeenClub Members only, so make sure to sign up for and start building up points! It is FREE and you can do it at your Center.

As we start to shed our winter wardrobes and break out our sleeveless shirts, shorts and skirts, there couldn’t be a better time to visit Uni K Wax to pamper your skin.  Uni K Wax Centers are centers solely dedicated to waxing and committed to providing you with the most comfortable and hygienic spa-like hair removal experience.

The secret of Uni K Wax success is the unique combination of:

– A proprietary all-natural and elastic wax, applied at body temperature to smoothly remove the hair while exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

– Exclusive waxing techniques perfected over 20 years.

– Rigorously trained waxers that you will find only at Uni K Wax Centers.

– Each Uni K Wax Center has its own on-site lab, where the wax is prepared fresh for each individual customer and discarded after use to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

No wonder Uni K Wax Centers are known to be the place where you can enjoy a professional and truly “Ouch-less” waxing experience.

So make your appointment today and enjoy the $10 off gift.  Receive an additional 2,000 reward points (equal to $2) if you book online. Why wait? Click here to book online now.



*Valid for new and existing Uni K Wax Rewards members (Her/Him/Teen) from March 1 to 31, 2016. Customers must spend $85 or more on services and/or products, during a single visit to benefit from a $10 off gift to be applied as a discount at the time of check out during any single visit Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in March, only. Does not apply to series, packages, gift cards or gift certificates. Offer valid for one customer only, cannot combine services of another customer to reach the $85 spend value or limit. The $10 off gift is not transferrable. Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. Uni K Wax TeenClub members are restricted to services offered on the TeenClub menu unless authorized for additional services. No cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS at Uni K Wax during September!

This September Uni K Wax is rewarding ALL its customers for their loyalty with TRIPLE rewards points for every dollar they spend in services and products. Women, men and teens can all benefit from this offer, as long as they are Rewards or TeenClub members.

The good news is that membership in our Rewards program (her and him) and TeenClub program is FREE. 

Here are some great features of our Rewards and TeenClub programs:

1.  Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your Rewards card or TeenClub card.

2.  It’s FREE!  There is no annual fee, no minimum amount of visits.

3.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

4.  Not only will you receive points that translate into dollars that can be used at any Uni K Wax Center, but also entitles you to participate in many special offers throughout the year (like the one this month). Learn more about how to earn points at our website.

Make sure to sign up at your next visit if you haven’t yet and receive triple points during the month of September.

The celebrations continue as we commemorate the second anniversary of our TeenClub. A program, unique to Uni K Wax, designed exclusively for teens, 17 years and under.  Our TeenClub offers a select services menu with special pricing and most importantly, we know that when teens come to our centers, they experience the Uni K Wax treatment by our qualified waxers, specially trained to wax sensitive skin.

As a token of our appreciation to our teen customers, who keep making this exceptional program so successful, we are giving every teen customer a FREE TeenClub bag after every appointment at Uni K Wax during September (TeenClub bag shown in the picture above).  No minimum purchase is needed!  These great and versatile bags can be used for school, travel or to carry things inside your purse.  You can return for another service on another day, and receive another TeenClub bag for free.  This offer is valid while supply last, so hurry and make your appointment now.

Last but not least, Uni K Wax is proud to announce the new Boyshorts waxing services offered exclusively for women and available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers!

The Boyshorts waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for this area of the body against the softness of the fabric as well as provide extra level of cleanliness.  The introduction of this new service follows the Boxer waxing services introduced back in June for men only.

So this September, come visit any of our Uni K Wax Centers and enjoy TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS.  PLUS if you are a teen, get your TeenClub Bag after your appointment; if you are a woman try our new Boyshorts waxing service and if you are a man, and haven’t tried it yet, go for the Boxer or Collar waxing service!!!







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It’s the end of the year once again and all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to continue to lead and stay at the forefront of the waxing industry.   When we opened our first center in 1993, we were the first to bring to the body waxing industry the unique concept of a professional “waxing only” Center for both men and women. We created the first all-natural elastic wax applied at body temperature. We were the pioneers in the techniques that reduce ingrown hair and redness. Most importantly, we brought the first pain-free body waxing experience to the market.

When we read in our customers testimonials, or the different media publications, that they describe their visit at Uni K Wax as the most comfortable waxing experience,  then we know we are fulfilling our goal.

Just this past month, Metro New York, featured Uni K Wax Centers in an article titled, “Skip the Advil – Uni K offers a pain-free waxing experience – no joke” . The article spotlights Uni K Wax Centers’ hygienic, affordable and painless experience. The editor introduces Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K as “…your fairy godmother – who spent three years perfecting the formula for her all-natural ‘ouchless, elastic wax’ before starting the hair removal franchise in 1993.”

Staying on top requires listening to our customers and constantly providing them with new ground-breaking products and services. Noemi Grupenmager is very optimistic about the future growth of Uni K Wax. “We expect 2015 to be another outstanding year. We will continue to see more Centers opening across the country and even more innovations, both in products and services. I am very grateful for our customers’ loyalty, for the work and dedication of our waxers, our employees and all our franchisees, all of which helps place Uni K Wax at the forefront of the Waxing Industry year after year”.

Our Holiday gift for you is one free underarms waxing service to be redeemed in January 2015 when you spend $45 or more (him/her) or $25 or more (teen) on services and/or products during one single visit this December*.  Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any Center as well as online or via FacebookGive your loved ones the gift of the most comfortable waxing experience!

As we reach the end of 2014 and start 2015, everyone at Uni K Wax Centers want to thank you for your loyalty and wish you and your families a very happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year !

 *Valid for Uni K Rewards or TeenClub members only. One free underarms wax for her, him, or teen redeemable in January (between 1-2-2015 to 1-31-2015), when you spend $45 or more (him/her) or $25 or more (teen), in services and/or products during a single visit in December 2014. Must present valid Photo ID. One time use only. Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series. No cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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This month, it’s all about the men! As Father’s Day quickly approaches, Uni K is excited to dedicate the month of June to men. What does that mean? Starting on June 1st, all male Uni K Rewards Members receive 15% off all services, Sunday through Wednesday from Center Opening until 5pm*.  At Uni K Wax, unlike the scene in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” waxing should be an enjoyable and comfortable experience.  At Uni K Wax, our all-natural elastic wax, is applied at body temperature and rests on the skin to allow the pores to open and when the wax is removed the follicle is gently pulled from the pore with minimal discomfort.  In fact Uni K Wax is usually called the “ouchless” wax.

Also, you know you are in good hands, as Uni K Wax was the first waxing Center to offer full services for both Men and Women.  All of our professional waxing staff have attended an extensive course at the Uni K Wax University where they are taught how to wax in the shortest amount of time, with our beneficial elastic wax and focus on customers comfort during the waxing experience.

Men – With the summer season right around the corner, it is essential to look the best in your new swim trunks! Waxing will eliminate the daily shaving routine and can provide longer lasting hair removal, up to three to six weeks. Why spend your morning attempting to shave your back when you could be spending your time on the beach? Waxing is the untold male grooming secret, with long term benefits.  Did you know, for example, that men could save up to 50%  of the money they would spend on shaving, over a 12 month period, just by changing to waxing as a hair removal option!  Now is the time to step into one of our many Uni K Wax locations and see what makes our all we do, so unique.

Women – June is the month to show your man the true benefits of waxing, trust us, you’ll be happy you did! Waxing with Uni K’s Wax has many benefits, for example, our wax is a hygienic method of hair removal and it nourishes the skin while gently removing the hair, leaving the skin smooth and silky. By waxing, hair grows back thinner, slower and more sparse. In fact, 94 million men over the age of 15 in the United States remove their body/facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77% (ages 18-35) “MANscape” their shoulders, backs, chests and bikini areas.

So take advantage of our promotion this month, which ends on June 22 and see the difference a little MANscaping can do to enrich your life.

Also, if you’re looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life, consider purchasing a gift card at any location, or you can purchase a gift certificate on online!

The Uni K wax team wishes all of you a Happy Father’s Day and happy MANscaping!


* 15% off all services for him is valid for new and existing Uni K Wax Rewards customers from June 1 to 22, 2014, Sunday through to Wednesday from Center Opening until 5pm.  Offer only valid for men. Promotion will not be honored during blackout dates (dates National: June 23 to 30). Service must have commenced during the promotional time period, if the customer arrived on time and the delay in commencing the service is caused by Uni K Wax Center, the promotion will be honored when the customer has the service that day.  Must present valid Photo ID. Offer not valid for TeenClub customers. TeenClub members are restricted to services offered on the TeenClub menu unless authorized for additional services. Offer does not include tax or gratuities.  Does not apply to series, packages, gift cards or gift certificates.  Cannot be combined with other offers, packages or series.  No cash value.  Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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Happy Birthday to us! This year we celebrate the 21st year of the birth of Uni K Wax and it greatest invention, the “Brazilian” bikini wax!

It was 1993 when Noemi Grupenmager created the first “waxing only center” in South Beach. As she recently explained in the The Huffington Post, “I set out to reinvent the industry and began with the concept of a waxing-only center. There were three main things that I wanted to incorporate into the center: an all natural wax (made especially for sensitive skin), fast waxing service at an affordable price. In order to make this business possible, I needed to create a system of speedy waxing because at that time, there was typically only one wax done a day in a salon. I wanted the new waxing center to be able to service at least four waxing services per hour per waxer.”

Up until that time, when men and women wanted to have hair removed, they would go to a salon or spa that catered to many different types of services.  You might have gotten your nails done at the same place you got waxed.  Perhaps you even got a massage or facial where you received your waxing treatment. None of these options were particularly hygienic and most importantly, the technicians that did the waxing were not always specifically trained in waxing techniques. Uni K Wax changed all of that.

The innovation didn’t stop there; Noemi also introduced a new waxing style – the now famous “Brazilian Bikini Waxing”. As she continues in The Huffington Post, “In the 80’s, Brazilian bathing suits were very popular and I realized that you needed a special waxing style to be able to wear the Brazilian bathing suits. I created the Brazilian Bikini Style of Waxing, which in some shape or form is now available from every waxer around the world. I also coined the word “waxer” rather than aesthetician, which everyone uses now. I also created the Brazilian Bikini Style wax with buttocks strip as well as the Full Bikini, which removes all hair down there.”

Today, 21 years later, Uni K Wax has grown into a renowned brand with over 30 franchisees around the United States. We are especially proud of the adoption of the Brazilian bikini wax by the entire waxing industry! Women and men have widely embraced this waxing modality. Even Celebrities, TV shows, and magazines… In 2000 during an episode of the popular TV show, “Sex in the City”, Carrie Bradshaw found a new swagger in her step after waxing it all off.  In 2003 Victoria Beckham announced that Brazilian waxes should be compulsory at age 15. A few years later Eva Longoria told Cosmopolitan that “every woman should try a Brazilian wax once.” Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna were also revealed as a fan of the Brazilian wax. In 2013 The Brazilian Wax made its debut on The View when host Sherri Shepherd got waxed on national TV.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and to celebrate our 21st birthday with you, we are offering a 21% discount on the Full Brazilian Bikini front and back for both men and women as well as a 21% discount on any panty line service for teens! This offer is valid for BOTH Uni K Rewards Members and TeenClub Members from Monday through Friday during the month of April from Center opening until 11 am and then again from 2 pm through 5 pm.

 We hope to see you all this month!

Here are some quick stats on the “Brazilian” and why women prefer it.


  – 62.8 % of Glamour readers wax their bikini lines regularly.
  – 25% of Playboy centerfolds remove their hair completely.
  – 12% of men prefer a full on Brazilian.
  – 32% of men prefer a small shape.

Why Women Prefer Brazilian

  – Easier to clean and manage.
  – To make sure hair is not showing through their swim suits.
  – It is the general preference.
  – Shaving can cause ingrown hairs.
  – OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, “Hygienically, you’re going to decrease your risk of STDs and decrease risk of body odor that a lot of women are worried about.”


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Movember is here!

Everyone knows that October is filled with the color pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  Pink ribbons, pink shoes, even the National Football League gets into the action by having the players wear pink and the referees throw pink penalty flags.  However, what most people don’t know is that November is becoming a month dedicated to Men’s Health Awareness.  In fact, there is a movement called “Movember” committed to having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. What started in 2003 in Australia as 30 men growing moustaches, or “Mos”, has grown to millions of men around the world growing moustaches to support awareness for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health in the month of November. Since then, this charity foundation has raised more than $446 million globally.



Consider the following facts as an example:

– A man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
– One new case of prostate cancer occurs every 2.2 minutes and a man dies from the disease every 17.5 minutes.
– In the US, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men after skin cancer
– If detected and treated early, prostate cancer has a 97 percent treatment success rate.

On average, men die five years younger than women. The suicide rate is four times higher for men than women and 24% of men are less likely to go to the doctor compared to women.

How can we all take action?

Movember is all about changing the understanding and attitudes men have towards their health. The Mo is Movember’s ribbon, it’s the catalyst for change. The goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the cause.

Part of the funds raised are used to run the annual Movember awareness campaign, which inspires literally billions of conversations.  Funds are also used to create and maintain engaging resources, which educate men on the health risks they face, how to stay healthy and how to take action if they become ill.   Additionally, proceeds are used to fund innovative research to improve clinical tests and treatments for prostate and testicular cancer as well as to improve physical and mental health outcomes for men.

In an effort to begin to change the conversation and focus on the positive outcomes of early detection, Uni K Wax is pleased to partner with Movember to help support their cause in several ways:

1. The“Mo” Special for him –  a full facial wax promotion (excluding the moustache of course) for only $50. This special is available to all men during the month of November except for blackout dates.

2. Uni K Wax will donate 5% of sales from all its Centers preformed during the month of November for the following men’s waxing services: ears, nose, nostrils, and full face.

3. There will also be a donation box placed on the counter of every Uni K Wax Center. These boxes come directly from Movember and we encourage you to make a donation during your next waxing appointment or to simply stop by on your way home or to work and make a donation. These donation boxes will be out throughout the month of November and 100% of the money raised through them will go to Movember.

Uni K Wax is always committed to making a positive impact! We are partnering with Movember to do just that! If you are a man or a woman reading this blog, we urge you to visit www.movember.com so that you can learn more about this organization and share their important information with friends, family, and loved ones.  Please help Uni K Wax support this very important cause and raise awareness for men’s health!


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