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Ever since our beginnings in 1993, we have offered only waxing services, utilizing our proprietary techniques and exclusive products of the utmost quality. Our goal is to expand faster through franchising, while always maintaining the high quality of our products and services.

The UKW franchise program gives more customers the chance to look and feel fantastic and it gives franchise owners the chance to operate their own professional business backed by our proven system.  We hope you will join us in our quest to offer our customers the finest products and customer service; to offer these with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and integrity; and to have everyone who visits our centers feel at home, therefore creating the premiere hair removal system.

Uni K Wax Centers offer the very best waxing services for men and women with a proven system that combines everything a customer would want in a waxing hair removal experience.

Every little detail has been thought out and tested for efficiency and efficacy, so that our franchisees can offer a smoother waxing experience to all of our customers.

There are many unique and special elements involved in our concept, including:

  • Exclusive access to the Uni K Wax all-natural wax, manufactured by our UKW-affiliated company, which customers want for its low temperature application and elastic consistency
  • The fastest and most comfortable waxing method ever
  • A full face and body waxing menu with affordable prices for all
  • Warm, welcoming, clean and beautifully designed Centers that are inviting to all
  • A loyalty Rewards Program that offers our customers incentives to save on our exclusive services and products
  • An established concept with a recognized and trusted brand
  • Broad customer base/proven customer retention
  • A specialized hair removal system unlike any other in the marketplace
  • A franchise team’s knowledge, expertise and years of experience in the marketplace
  • Complete training at headquarters to help you get started
  • Competitive pricing
  • On going support
  • On going support through marketing campaigns
  • Automated access to our warehouse facility
  • Centralized computer system
  • Rewards Program
  • Gift Cards
  • Series Program

UKW believes that franchising is a community, comprised of franchisor, franchisees and their employees, and suppliers, each working together as a team.

From the beginning, as you carefully follow our proven system  that pertains to owning a Uni K Wax Center franchise, you will enjoy the challenges of starting a new business as you apply your energy, enthusiasm, passion to providing the ultimate waxing experience to customers daily.

The benefits of owning a Uni K Wax Center franchise include:

  • A recognized brand name that is growing in popularity every day
  • A superior hair removal process that is longer lasting and more effective
  • Affordable and attractive price points for our customers
  • The UKW Franchising training process which involves a specialized and proprietary training system for your management team and your waxers
  • A strong emphasis on superior customer service which builds a strong and loyal customer base
  • A proven concept in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment that our customers have come to know and trust