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5 Steps to Become an Owner

Get to understand about you and your interest in becoming a Uni K Wax Center owner.

Once you have submitted the Confidential Information Request Form we will review and if appropriate, we will contact the potential franchisee in order to schedule a face to face meeting.

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Our management team will meet with you and if you are still interested they will give you a Franchise Disclosure Document.  This document explains  in detail everything regarding the UKW Franchise and what it required to become a franchisee.  You have a 14 calender day waiting period which allows you to review all the documents and conduct your due diligence.  Take your time to learn as much as you can and ask as many questions as you wish. We want you to be ready and committed!

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UKW Franchising will conduct their due diligence and if appropriate, the approval letter will be sent.

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Once the approval is sent and the due diligence is complete, it is time to sign the franchise agreement.  At this time you be required to submit the franchise initial fee and the fun begins!

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