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Our business is built on customer loyalty, which translates to repeat business for our franchisees. As a matter of fact, most of our current franchise owners were once Uni K Wax Center customers and love our concept so much. That’s how much every one believes in our unique business opportunity.  Every day we receive calls and emails from long-term, loyal customers who have made the decision to become successful business owners with Uni K.

waxing center

Uni K Wax is dedicated to offering our customers the most innovative face and body waxing product and a unique hair removal technique while maintaining a stellar customer service through our Uni K Wax Centers. We use only the highest quality wax that is a proprietary herbal wax unique to Uni K Wax. We are committed to offering these services and products with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, discretion and integrity.  Our goal is to have everyone who visits our centers feel welcome and comfortable, in a clean and relaxing environment.

UKW Franchising Company LLC, is committed to expanding our Uni K Wax Centers to more areas in the United States and around the world so that more customers have the opportunity to experience our unique services.  We want to provide our franchisees with a proven system that focuses on a service that can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Our franchisees are part of a network of body waxing centers that is unique in our sole focus on face and body waxing. In our efforts to meet these goals, we have created a first-class hair removal network.