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The hair removal market in the United States is estimated at two to four billion annually. For a majority of  men and women in the US, unwanted body hair carries a serious social stigma with 63% saying that not removing it would make people think they don’t care about their appearance.

The study also reflected concern for cleanliness and hygiene with 35% citing “feeling cleaner” as the motivation for removing body hair, followed by “feeling sexier” (32%) and “more spontaneous” (31%).

In a recent survey respondents reported they will spend more than 58.4 days removing hair from their bodies during their lifetime.  The survey also revealed that women remove unwanted body hair for an average period of 53.6 years using methods including waxing.

Waxing one to two times per month, women who wax will spend an average of $23,000 on hair removal in a lifetime.

Uni K Wax Centers stand apart from the rest with a proprietary all natural wax made from pinesap, beeswax and aloe vera that is great for sensitive skin. And natural today is the only way to go in the health and beauty marketplace. In a 2010 Global Beauty Study by Mintel Corporation, “Nu Natural” is a new vision of natural that is less focused on certification and more focused on results, efficiency and safety which is everything Uni K Wax Centers offer their customers.

By combining the demand of the natural health and beauty market (the fastest growing market in the industry) with the established and growing popularity of waxing, Uni K Wax has created the ultimate formula for the best hair removal experience. We’re looking to work with franchisees who believe in our mission.

The total initial investment per franchise ranges from $222,600 to $357,000 depending on the location of the Center you want to open. This investment covers the cost of real estate, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment, uniforms, insurance, signage, opening inventory and grand opening costs among other items.

UKW Franchising Company, LLC charges a uniform Initial Franchise Fee of $40,000 for each Center.

The franchise department will assist you with all your questions regarding franchise opportunities.

To speak with a franchise development representative, call 1-888-UniKWax or (305) 949-9294 or email