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From the moment you arrive you can feel the natural waxing experience. It’s all in the well-planned details. We have thought of everything to make your hair removal experience more comfortable, safe and affordable. We offer everything, including competitive prices, welcoming receptionists, pristine waxing rooms, your own personal waxing warmer and of course great face and body waxing services performed by professional waxing experts.

Uni K Wax Centers are located in outdoor shopping centers and on main avenues and streets for convenient walk-in appointments.

Everyone tells us that walking into a Uni K Wax Center is like a true breath of fresh air. The design of Uni K Wax Centers upgrade the entire waxing experience and our new customers always express their “surprise” when they find out we are in the waxing-only business. It was our vision to dedicate an entire Center that just specializes only in hair removal with a very  modern and clean ambiance. Uni K Wax Centers are designed to be warm, friendly and  inviting, approachable to everyone, from the college student to the corporate professional.  Uni K Wax Center is a place where customers feel relaxed (many have compared us to a waxing “spa”) and all of our waxers are properly trained to deliver a fast and hygienic waxing technique built on exceptional customer service.

Uni K Wax Centers are designed for speed, which is what our customers want in a waxing experience. The flow of each Center has you checking in, getting waxed and checking out before you know it. Every single detail is taken into consideration, from the modern and comfortable reception area, to the privacy of the waxing treatment rooms, to the design of each room which is created for the comfort and function for both you, the customer and your waxer.

The size of each room is ideal.  The waxing beds are custom designed  for comfort with the perfect width, length and height for each customer and waxer. Waxers work professionally and swiftly with everything that is needed to deliver a great waxing service including our pre and post-depilatory products on a movable cart to help them perform the services efficiently.

Every detail has been taken into consideration, from the lighting for the waxer to see every hair that must be removed; to the convenient step stool to help customers onto the waxing bed.