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Our Labs

Our labs are designed to meet the needs of the large volume of customers we have on a daily basis. The lab is the heart of Uni K Wax Center and it is where everything is prepared, organized and made extremely hygienic for our customers. Each Uni K Wax Center has its own on-site lab, which plays a very special role in the delivery of our exceptional waxing services.

Our labs are maintained by our dedicated lab assistants who continually prepare wax throughout the day.

Once you check in and you are brought to your waxing room, your professional waxer will go to the lab to retrieve your personalized wax warmer that is prepared just for you.

Once your service is complete, your waxer will return your waxing warmer back to the lab and the lab assistant will discard (if there is any)  unused wax and  properly dispose of used wax, waxing spatulas, gloves and applicators. The lab assistant will then thoroughly clean the warmer with hospital-grade cleaning agents in-between each service and customer. This eliminates the possibility of ever “double-dipping” into another customer’s wax.  You can even see the entire process through our lab window.