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Uni K Wax is celebrating Valentine’s Day, love and friendship all month, with two great offers:

1. Receive a $25 Gift Certificate when you spend $100 or more in Services and/or Products. Gift certificates will be emailed after February 29, 2016.

2. Double your Rewards Points ($10) for each friend you refer.  Every friend receives 10% off her/his first visit*  There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, the more you refer the more points you can earn! This offer is great for both you and your friends.

Our Uni K Rewards Program is the most “rewarding” in the waxing industry!  Our program is designed to reward you for everything you do at Uni K Wax Centers, from booking online to purchasing services and products.

-  For every 1,000 points you earn you get $1 of value.

-  On your Birthday earn 5,000 ($5) rewards points.

-  Refer a friend and earn 5,000 ($5) rewards points.  (This month – earn double the points – 10,000 ($10))

-  Pre book your appointment and earn 1,000 ($1) rewards points.

-  Book online and earn 2,000 ($2) rewards points.

-  Double the points when you buy a Series

If you are not enrolled in the Rewards Program yet, it’s not too late. Sign up at your local Uni K Wax Center, it’s FREE!

Looking for a gift to give your friend, colleague or a significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Uni K Wax has a specially designed Valentine’s Gift Certificate available online and can be emailed or printed, in a matter of minutes.     Click HERE to buy a Gift Certificate for that special someone.

You can also order a Gift Card online and it will be delivered to any destination within the USA. Online ordered Uni K Wax Gift Cards are shipped gift wrapped in a gift bag, with a nail file, pen, brochure, gift card holder and tissue paper.  Gift Cards are also available to purchase at any Uni K Wax Center.

Last but not least, we have a Valentine’s Ready Package - Full Brazilian Bikini (front and back), Full Face and Full Arms.  The price of the package for Her is $124 (regular price $155) and $168 for Him (regular price $210).

We look forward to Celebrating Love with you all month long, with our February 2016 promotion.  Don’t forget to book your appointment early leading up to Valentine’s Day, many Centers have extended their hours, check with your Center for details. Have a wonderful month and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


*  Valid for Uni K Wax Rewards Members (Her/Him/Teen) only from February 1 – 29, 2016. Double points do not apply to services, products, Series, on-line bookings, pre-bookings or customer’s birthday. Must be a valid Uni K Wax Rewards Member (Her/Him/Teen) at the time of service. Must present valid Photo ID. Refer a friend points during non-promotional periods are 5,000 per referral, during this promotion the refer a friend points increase to a total 10,000 per referral. 1,000 points equates to $1.00 to be redeemed at any Uni K Wax Center towards services. No limit to the number of friends you can refer, but the friend must not be a current Uni K Wax Customer or have a Uni K Wax Rewards or TeenClub Membership, or be on the Uni K Wax Customer database. To learn more about the Uni K Wax Rewards program, read full terms and conditions visit http://www.unikwax.com/rewards-program/. To receive the $25 Gift Certificate spend $100 during any single visit, on products and/or services. Gift Certificates will be emailed by UKW Franchising Company LLC, after February 29, 2016 and must be redeemed by August 31, 2016. Unused Gift Certificates with full or part value, after August 31, 2016 will not be honored. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and must be used at any Uni K Wax Center or online at www.unikwax.com. $100 spend is valid on services and/or products and excludes Series, packages, gift cards and gift certificates. Cannot be combined with any other offers. $100 spend can be made online or at any Uni K Wax Center. No Cash value. Uni K Wax Centers are independently owned and operated.

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Buy 10 Get 3 Free – Any Series!

Everyone at Uni K Wax Centers would like to wish our customers and the readers of this blog a very happy New Year, and of course, a year of smooth and healthy skin!

Start the New Year with a resolution, “A Whole Year of Smooth Skin”.  Our January promotion will help you keep your resolution and save money at the same time.  During the month of January, if you purchase a Series of 10 of the same type of service, we will give you an extra 3 services for free!  With a Series, you can wax for a whole year for one low price (Series are valid for 24 months).

January’s promotion gives you 30% more value, so benefit from the saving.  The more Series you buy during the month, the more you save throughout the year.

Any service can be purchased as a Series…even our Touch-up services!  (Excludes TeenClub Services).

Uni K Wax Centers are the only waxing centers to offer over 80 different types of waxing services for women and men, that’s over 160 services combined.

Details about Series and this offer:

- You can buy as many Series of 10 services as you wish, and enjoy an extra 3 of the same services for free.  This offer is only available during January 2016.
- Series can be redeemed at any Uni K Wax Center.
- You have 24 months to use your Series, from the time of purchase.
- You can purchase a Series at Uni K Wax Center or online.
- When you select your Series of 10 + 2, the extra service will be added within 5 business days.
- You can even use some or all of your rewards points to purchase a Series.
- Any type of service from the Menu for Her or Him can be purchased as a Series including Touch-up services.

One more exciting announcement for our customers.  We are proud to introduce our new retail product collection – SENSE by UKW.  A line exclusive to Uni K Wax and not available anywhere else. SENSE by UKW launched the Winter Collections ANANDA for Her and MUKTI for Him. ANANDA and MUKTI have been uniquely crafted to moisturize the skin between waxing visits, and to specifically nourish the skin and protect the body from the elements of Winter. Try them at your Center or purchase them online

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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As we reach the end of 2015, Uni K Wax is very proud to continue to lead and stay at the forefront of the waxing industry.   Thank you all for your loyalty and support!

As a token of appreciation to all our loyal Rewards Members, we want to give you a Holiday Gift –  free underarms service, to be redeemed in January 2016, when you spend $50 or more (him/her) or $30 or more (teen) on services and/or products during any single visit during the month of December. 

Innovation continues in 2015

When Uni K Wax opened its first Center in 1993, the founder and CEO, Noemi Grupenmager, envisioned a waxing-only center to offer services for both men and women which would raise the industry standards.  It is that innovative thinking that allowed Uni K Wax to bring to the market a unique all-natural, hygienic and ouchless body waxing experience. When we read customers’ testimonials, or different media publications, we know Noemi’s vision has become a reality.  Everyone describes their visit at Uni K Wax as “the most comfortable waxing experience they have had”.

Staying on top requires forward thinking and a relentless desire to be the best.  Noemi Grupenmager says: “It is not in my nature to stand still.  I always like to look forward and find ways to make our Centers and the waxing experiences they provide, even better than they already are.  That’s not an easy task as we have set the bar very high.” During the past year, Uni K Wax has been featured in multiple media outlets for the many “firsts” Uni K Wax keeps bringing to the industry. From January to November, Uni K Wax has enjoyed over 2,467,199,789 Circulation and 2,508,488,789 Impressions from the Media.

In 2015, Uni K Wax continued to enrich the “all natural waxing experience” with new innovative services and Center openings.  Some of the key events that occurred during the year included:

     - The launch of the new Boxers and Collar waxing services exclusively for men and only available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers. Read more about these two new services in our June blog

     - The introduction of the new Boyshorts waxing service offered exclusively for women and available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers. The Boyshorts waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for this area of the body against the softness of the fabric as well as provide an extra level of cleanliness.

     - Adding more Touch-up services to the Touch-up menu as well as extending the time for a service to be eligible for a Touch-up, from 12 to 14 days. This means that you can have the same service done within 14 days of your last wax or previous Touch-up at any Uni K Wax Center at special discount prices, as shown in the Touch-up pricing list. Read more in our July Blog.

     - Opening a new Center in Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time.

     - Expanding in Manhattan, with the opening of new Centers in Hells Kitchen, Cooper Square and East Village.

     - Great exposure for our new High Precision Tweezers available in many colors was not only well embraced by customers but the media gave them excellent reviews as well – Girls’ Life, Genlux, Beauty Sweet Spot and Hollywood Life.

     - The introduction of “The Featured Package of the Month.”  A special monthly package which is offered at a discounted price, only for that specific month. This is yet another way we offer our customers opportunities to save on their waxing services.

This month’s featured “Festive Season Package”, includes Full Face, Full Legs and Underarms for a reduced priced of $112 for her ($28 off the regular price) and $144 for him ($36 off the regular price).

Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any Center as well as online or via Facebook. 

Noemi Grupenmager is very optimistic and looking forward to the many exciting plans for 2016.  She takes the opportunity to express, “I am very grateful and appreciative for our customers’ loyalty and the dedication of each Uni K Wax Center”. 

As we reach the end of 2015 and start 2016, we want wish you and your families a very happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year!

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November is officially designated as National Healthy Skin Month in the U.S.  All month long, people are encouraged to learn about the many functions of the skin and how to keep it healthy. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) first implemented November as Healthy Skin Month in order to raise awareness about the importance of keeping skin fresh, hydrated and healthy all year round.  A vital necessity when waxing, to have hydrated and healthy skin between waxing visits.

Also our special elastic wax, lightly exfoliates the skin, enabling your skin to maintain a higher level absorption when you apply the moisturizer for greater skin hydration.

Healthy and hydrated skin allows for a better waxing experience as the skin is plump and the hair is easily removed from the root when waxed.

Since Uni K Wax’s inception in 1993, its founder and CEO, Noemi Grupenmager, envisioned a waxing-only center to offer services for both men and women, which would raise the industry and marketplace standards. “Having sensitive skin myself, I recognized the need for a wax that was all-natural and relaxing when applied and removed.  A wax that would not aggravate the skin with harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients,” Noemi explains.

Noemi opened Uni K Wax first location in Miami Beach, FL, using her own proprietary all-natural elastic wax, made of beeswax, essential oils and a special pine tree resin, which took three years of in-depth laboratory research to perfect. A wax that today is referred to as the Elastic “Ouchless” Wax because when it is removed, it provides little if any discomfort.  Applied at body temperature and specifically made for sensitive skin, it gently removes hair and at the same time nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and glowing. Since 1993 to this day, Uni K Wax Centers only use all-natural products.

Uni K Wax’s commitment to healthy skin is further reflected in its highest standards for cleanliness and hygiene. In every Uni K Wax Center there is an on-site lab where the wax is prepared each day and every customer receives their own freshly warmer of wax, exclusively for their service.  When the service is completed the warmer is returned to the lab and the assistants discard any remaining wax, clean, and disinfect the warmer in preparation for the next service.

In celebration of Healthy Skin Month, Uni K Wax is rewarding its customers with a $5 gift when they spend $50 or more and a $10 gift when they spend $75 or more, a great offer which is applied at the time of check-out from the service. The offer is valid during November from Sunday to Tuesday for new and existing Reward members, both men and women.   Ask at the Center for full terms and conditions.

The featured package for the month of November is also in honor of Healthy Skin Month – titled – Healthy Skin Package, featuring:

Full Brazilian Bikini Front and Back, Full Face and Underarms at a great Package Price.  Additionally, each of these services are eligible for a Touch-up service, to keep your skin healthy through the whole month.

Come visit our Centers during November to pamper your skin and feel the first and truly only all-natural waxing experience available on the market.




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15% OFF TREAT every single visit during October!

This October Uni K Wax is offering its Rewards members (her & him) the chance to create their own package of 3 or more services every single visit during October and receive a 15% off treat! 

This Halloween month Uni K Wax is treating its customers with a unique chance to create their dream package with the services that uniquely suits them.  The best part is that customers can benefit from this offer more than once, as long as:

1.  They are Uni K Wax Rewards Members (her and him) at the time of the visit.
2.  They choose three or more services during one single visit.
3.  The visits are during October.

This is a terrific opportunity to explore the many services available at Uni K Wax. Did you know that Uni K Wax Centers are the only waxing centers that offer over 80 different types of waxing services for women and men, that is over 160 total waxing services?  And that we offer the most extensive range of bikini services in the market?

Since 1993, Uni K Wax has offered full body and face waxing to meet every one of our customers waxing needs.  We also provide an extensive waxing menu, so that our customers only pay for the waxing service that they need.  For example, we offer a stomach strip service so that the customer pays only to have hair removed from the stomach area and not for the whole stomach.

So this month take the opportunity to explore the comprehensive variety of services we offer.  Ask the receptionist or you waxer for the Body Chart booklet that visually shows every service available for women and men.

Happy Halloween and we hope to see you at one of our Centers during October so our trained waxers can give you a treat!

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TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS at Uni K Wax during September!

This September Uni K Wax is rewarding ALL its customers for their loyalty with TRIPLE rewards points for every dollar they spend in services and products. Women, men and teens can all benefit from this offer, as long as they are Rewards or TeenClub members.

The good news is that membership in our Rewards program (her and him) and TeenClub program is FREE. 

Here are some great features of our Rewards and TeenClub programs:

1.  Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your Rewards card or TeenClub card.

2.  It’s FREE!  There is no annual fee, no minimum amount of visits.

3.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

4.  Not only will you receive points that translate into dollars that can be used at any Uni K Wax Center, but also entitles you to participate in many special offers throughout the year (like the one this month). Learn more about how to earn points at our website.

Make sure to sign up at your next visit if you haven’t yet and receive triple points during the month of September.

The celebrations continue as we commemorate the second anniversary of our TeenClub. A program, unique to Uni K Wax, designed exclusively for teens, 17 years and under.  Our TeenClub offers a select services menu with special pricing and most importantly, we know that when teens come to our centers, they experience the Uni K Wax treatment by our qualified waxers, specially trained to wax sensitive skin.

As a token of our appreciation to our teen customers, who keep making this exceptional program so successful, we are giving every teen customer a FREE TeenClub bag after every appointment at Uni K Wax during September (TeenClub bag shown in the picture above).  No minimum purchase is needed!  These great and versatile bags can be used for school, travel or to carry things inside your purse.  You can return for another service on another day, and receive another TeenClub bag for free.  This offer is valid while supply last, so hurry and make your appointment now.

Last but not least, Uni K Wax is proud to announce the new Boyshorts waxing services offered exclusively for women and available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers!

The Boyshorts waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for this area of the body against the softness of the fabric as well as provide extra level of cleanliness.  The introduction of this new service follows the Boxer waxing services introduced back in June for men only.

So this September, come visit any of our Uni K Wax Centers and enjoy TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS.  PLUS if you are a teen, get your TeenClub Bag after your appointment; if you are a woman try our new Boyshorts waxing service and if you are a man, and haven’t tried it yet, go for the Boxer or Collar waxing service!!!







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We all love to receive a gift from time to time! As we are enjoying the summer, Uni K Wax is offering Uni K Rewards and TeenClub members a free gift, to help you extend the sensational summertime feeling on your skin.  The kind you feel after a visit at any Uni K Wax Center.  

How to receive your gift? When any Uni K Rewards member spends $45 or more or a Teen Club member spends $25 or more, in services during a single visit in August, they can redeem one of the following services for free in September:

- Underarms (him/her/teen)
- Upper Lip (her/teen)
- Nostrils (her/him)

Even better… this offer is not limited to just one appointment during the month!  If you visit twice during the month and spend $45 or more during each visit (Uni K Rewards members) or $25 or more (TeenClub members), you will earn two free gifts in September.  One gift for each visit!

We have more great news! Our feature package during the month of August includes Full Legs & Buttocks and Brazilian Bikini Front & Back.  This SUMMER SENSATIONAL FEATURED PACKAGE is offered for only $110 for her or $151 for him

We are frequently asked about our customers’ most popular service during the summer. Well, generally speaking, and this is not only during the summer but all year around, Bikini Waxing is our most popular service, particularly the Full Brazilian Bikini Front & Back. This service removes all the hair from the front and the back, leaving you feeling smooth and clean for the summer.

At Uni K Wax we offer a wide variety of Bikini Waxing styles for him and her in addition to the one explained above:

-   Bikini Line: The name is self-explanatory. Removes a strip of hair along the front area outside the panty line.
-   Deep Bikini: As the name suggests, it is like a Bikini Line but goes further down adding extra comfort.
-   Brazilian Bikini: Removes almost all hair, leaving only a landing strip or small triangle.
-   Bikini Top: Removes a straight line of hair at the top of the bikini area and may be added to any of our Bikini services or can be done by itself.

Founded in 1993, Uni K Wax is proud to be the creator of the Full Brazilian Bikini and the Brazilian Bikini Wax styles that have been adopted by many and have become an industry standard.

For more details on each waxing service we offer, ask the receptionist or waxer for a Body Chart at your next visit.

Whether you want a Bikini style wax or would like to explore our other services, take advantage of all the August offerings and have a sensational rest of the summer!



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SMOOTH SKIN ALL SUMMER – with our TOUCH-UP SERVICES now up to 14 days!

Touch-up services at Uni K Wax just got even better! Starting July 2015 we are offering touch-up services, available anytime within 14 days from the previous date you visited for the same service (we extended it from 12 to 14 days ). Touch-up services are offered at a lower price than a regular service, so it is a great way to save money and keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

You may wonder why we offer them. Well, there are four reasons:

1.  Our touch-up service was originally created having in mind those customers who are transitioning from shaving into waxing.  Shaving causes hair growth patterns to become uneven; as a result, the first time a customer waxes there will be some hair that hasn’t reached the surface and cant be removed by the wax. Touch-up sessions will help remove the hair that was shaved and could not be waxed during the first session because it was too short.

2.  We also offer full face touch-up because facial hair has the tendency to grow faster than body hair for some people such as women who are facing hormonal imbalances. This service is also beneficial for men who are transitioning from shaving into waxing their facial hair.

3.  During the summer time, for some people, hair tends to grow faster. This is generally due to heat, perspiration, humidity and changes in hormones in the body during the warmer season. Save even more and purchase the Touch-up as a series, which can be the ideal solution to keeping your skin hairless during the entire season.

4.  Looking to keep that smooth skin all summer long, Touch-up services allow you to visit as often as you like and you will only pay the Touch-up price, come every week if you like.

The main reason why Uni K Wax can offer Touch-up services is because with our unique wax, allows us to promote that “NO-HAIR-IS-TOO-SHORT-TO-WAX”.  Our wax can remove hair that has grown shorter than the industry standard for removing hair which is ¼ inch length.  So we remove hair that is shorter than the industry standard, as long as it is above skin level. Of course your waxer is the expert at advising if the hair can be removed and will only remove the hair as a Touch-up as long as it is taken up to 14 days from the last touch-up or full paid service, she may ask you to return in a few days to ensure she can remove the hair if it is still within the Touch-up period.

The following are available as a Touch-up service:  Bikini (any style), Boxers (any style), Buttocks strip, Celebrity eyebrows, Collar (any style), Eye brows, Full face, Underarms, Upper lip.

How do you have a Touch-up? Touch-ups start from the first full paid service, then the you can return for a Touch-up of that same service within 14 days, and can benefit by not having to pay full service price again, and benefit from the Touch-up price each time, as long as it is the same service and taken within 14 days of the last Touch-up.  So now that the summer is here, buy a touch-up series, save and ensure beautiful skin all season.

One last thing, we are offering SUMMER SENSATIONAL FEATURED PACKAGE during July. It includes Lower Legs, Lower Stomach and Lower Back and is specially priced at $53 for her and $81 for him (a great saving on $61 for her and $91 for him which is the regular price). This is yet another treat for our Reward members during July.

Have a wonderful summer!





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Introducing new grooming services for men – ANOTHER UNI K WAX FIRST!

Uni K Wax is proud to announce the new Boxers and Collar waxing services!  These new services are offered exclusively for men and are only available, for the first time, at Uni K Wax Centers!

The Boxers waxing service is designed to provide a comfortable sensation for men who wear Boxers underwear as it is the softness of the fabric against this area of their body and it is also an extra level of cleanliness.  As a male customer eloquently explained “What I love from the bikini waxing is the way the bikini area feels with no hair and the way the cotton briefs feel against the skin”.  Of course, there is an intimate feeling as well when the hair is removed from this area, yet another benefit of waxing.

Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax CEO and founder, came up with this innovative service inspired by a casual conversation she had with another male customer. “He told me that men have different waxing requirements than women.  The bikini services work well for women who wear brief bikini underwear, but men’s underwear is different and for this reason, he requested that we consider waxing services to cover the different types of underwear that men wear”. Subsequently, Uni K Wax is now offering the Boxers waxing service in two different length options: short and long

While Noemi Grupenmager was creating this new service, she thought about another need men have. Noemi saw that the trend was for men to wear shirts and t-shirts that showed more of their chest, which as a boat neck shirt and longer v’neck shirts.  Noemi, then realized there were those who like to show a hairless neck line but don’t want the full chest hair removal.  That is how the two new men’s Collar waxing services were conceived – round and v-neck – so we don’t see the tuffs of hair peaking over the collar.

Waxing is the untold male grooming secret, with short and long term benefits.  It is estimated that 94 million men over the age of 15 in the United States remove their body/facial hair regularly. Of those millions, 77% (ages 18-35) “MANscape” their shoulders, backs, chests and bikini areas (Learn More).   Uni K Wax is proud to be the only company in the industry that has been offering the same exact services for men and women since its inception in 1993. All of our professional waxing staff have attended an extensive course at the Uni K Wax University where they are taught how to wax, both men and women, in the shortest amount of time, with our beneficial elastic wax and focus on customers’ comfort during the waxing experience.

The launching of these new services in June, coincides with Father’s Day, and comes as a celebration of all men in our lives. Uni K Wax once again establishes itself as a pioneer and innovator in the body and face waxing industry, always looking to better serve its loyalty customers.

These 4 new services are available for unlimited touch-ups. This means that you can have the same service done within 14 days of your last wax or previous touch up at any Uni K Wax Center.  The touch-up services are also at special discount prices, as shown in the touch-up pricing list.

So to you men, we invite you to come visit any one of our many Uni K Wax locations for a unique MANscape and try our new services (prices shown in the chart on the right).  And if you’re looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life, consider purchasing a gift card at any location, or you can purchase a gift certificate online!

The Uni K wax team wishes all of you a Happy Father’s Day and enjoyable MANscaping!


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Mother’s Day is around the corner, a nice reminder that our mothers are very special women! At Uni K Wax Centers we make sure that during May we make it all about her! This May we are offering to our Uni K Female Rewards Members a $5 gift after spending $25 or more, on Mondays and Tuesdays from Center opening through 11am and between 2pm and 5pm. This time and day has been chosen as a quiet time to relax with a wax. Every Mom enjoys the benefit of smooth and silky skin from our all-natural wax and this month we want to make her feel especially unique and beautiful.







We are also offering A JUST FOR HER FEATURED PACKAGE during May. It includes Full Face, Lower Legs and Lower Arms and is specially priced at $97 (a great saving on $109 which is the regular price). This is yet another treat for our female customers during May.






And don’t forget! This mother’s day you can give your mom a UNIK Gift – a gift card or a gift certificate for her to use towards any of our services or products. Gift cards are available for purchase at any Center. Personalized Gift certificates are available online and via Facebook. You can choose from multiple designs including ones especially created for Mother’s day! You simply pick the card you like, the dollar amount you want to give, who it’s from and who it’s for, put in a unique message, and you are done! Best of all, you can print it on the spot, e-mail it right away, or schedule a specific day in the future to be sent via e-mail. So go online now or visit our Facebook page and buy a gift certificate for your mom to be sent to her on May 10!!



The Uni K Wax team wishes all of you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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