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Happy Birthday to us! This year we celebrate the 21st year of the birth of Uni K Wax and it greatest invention, the “Brazilian” bikini wax!

It was 1993 when Noemi Grupenmager created the first “waxing only center” in South Beach. As she recently explained in the The Huffington Post, “I set out to reinvent the industry and began with the concept of a waxing-only center. There were three main things that I wanted to incorporate into the center: an all natural wax (made especially for sensitive skin), fast waxing service at an affordable price. In order to make this business possible, I needed to create a system of speedy waxing because at that time, there was typically only one wax done a day in a salon. I wanted the new waxing center to be able to service at least four waxing services per hour per waxer.”

Up until that time, when men and women wanted to have hair removed, they would go to a salon or spa that catered to many different types of services.  You might have gotten your nails done at the same place you got waxed.  Perhaps you even got a massage or facial where you received your waxing treatment. None of these options were particularly hygienic and most importantly, the technicians that did the waxing were not always specifically trained in waxing techniques. Uni K Wax changed all of that.

The innovation didn’t stop there; Noemi also introduced a new waxing style – the now famous “Brazilian Bikini Waxing”. As she continues in The Huffington Post, “In the 80′s, Brazilian bathing suits were very popular and I realized that you needed a special waxing style to be able to wear the Brazilian bathing suits. I created the Brazilian Bikini Style of Waxing, which in some shape or form is now available from every waxer around the world. I also coined the word “waxer” rather than aesthetician, which everyone uses now. I also created the Brazilian Bikini Style wax with buttocks strip as well as the Full Bikini, which removes all hair down there.”

Today, 21 years later, Uni K Wax has grown into a renowned brand with over 30 franchisees around the United States. We are especially proud of the adoption of the Brazilian bikini wax by the entire waxing industry! Women and men have widely embraced this waxing modality. Even Celebrities, TV shows, and magazines… In 2000 during an episode of the popular TV show, “Sex in the City”, Carrie Bradshaw found a new swagger in her step after waxing it all off.  In 2003 Victoria Beckham announced that Brazilian waxes should be compulsory at age 15. A few years later Eva Longoria told Cosmopolitan that “every woman should try a Brazilian wax once.” Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna were also revealed as a fan of the Brazilian wax. In 2013 The Brazilian Wax made its debut on The View when host Sherri Shepherd got waxed on national TV.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and to celebrate our 21st birthday with you, we are offering a 21% discount on the Full Brazilian Bikini front and back for both men and women as well as a 21% discount on any panty line service for teens! This offer is valid for BOTH Uni K Rewards Members and TeenClub Members from Monday through Friday during the month of April from Center opening until 11 am and then again from 2 pm through 5 pm.

 We hope to see you all this month!

Here are some quick stats on the “Brazilian” and why women prefer it.


  – 62.8 % of Glamour readers wax their bikini lines regularly.
  – 25% of Playboy centerfolds remove their hair completely.
  – 12% of men prefer a full on Brazilian.
  – 32% of men prefer a small shape.

Why Women Prefer Brazilian

  – Easier to clean and manage.
  – To make sure hair is not showing through their swim suits.
  – It is the general preference.
  – Shaving can cause ingrown hairs.
  – OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, “Hygienically, you’re going to decrease your risk of STDs and decrease risk of body odor that a lot of women are worried about.”


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It’s always easy for us to sing our own praises, but it is even better when it comes from a well known beauty editor for Glamour Magazine! “I go to the Uni K Wax center chain and find they’re geniuses at giving you excellent, consistent results at a great price ( …) They use a green proprietary natural wax that contains pine sap, bees wax, and Aloe Vera, and each client gets their very own freshly sterilized container that is emptied afterward. (no worries about double dipping!)” says Andrea Pomerantz Lustig in her book How to Look Expensive.

That is absolutely right! Our procedures are unlike any other waxing facility, setting the standard in the industry for the highest of hygiene and waxing procedures.  Each Uni K Wax Center has its own on-site lab, which plays a very special role in the delivery of our exceptional waxing services. In that lab our proprietary wax is prepared for each individual customer. Our labs are maintained by our dedicated lab assistants who continually prepare wax throughout the day and maintain the lab conditions in the highest standards of sanitation. No other business has an on-site trained lab assistant.

-  Once you check in and you are brought to your waxing room, your professional waxer will go to the lab to retrieve your personalized wax warmer that is freshly prepared just for you.
-  The waxer takes the wax warmer filled with Uni K Wax’s all-natural elastic wax which is at body temperature into your waxing room.  It is filled with only enough wax for your service.
-  During the service, the waxer applies the wax to your body, removes the wax and discards it in the trash bin in the room.
-  Once your service is complete, your waxer will return your waxing warmer back to the lab and the lab assistant will discard (if there is any) unused wax and properly dispose of waxing spatulas, gloves and applicators. The lab assistant will then thoroughly clean the warmer externally with Zestazol, widely known as one of the best depilatory wax cleansing product on the market, and as a final stage, sanitized the inside of the warmer with hospital grade 91% alcohol disinfectant.  Only then is the warmer ready for the next customer.

This type of attention to detail allows for Uni K Wax Centers to offer a service that is consistently the best.  Hygiene is one of our top priorities and we do everything to ensure it.

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Spring is here and so is Spring break!  Let your skin glow and feel silky smooth with Uni K Wax.  This month’s promotion is for all Reward Members who will receive 15% off on all services and products, valid in March, on Mondays and Tuesdays from opening to 5pm!

To prepare for the upcoming season, our founder, Noemi Grupenmager, shares a few need-to-know spring waxing tips.

-  Exfoliation is very important up until one to two days before and after a wax.
-  Daily moisturizing is necessary to keep your skin soft in between waxes.
-  If you are sensitive during your menstrual cycle, you may like to wax just prior or just after.
-  Alcohol tightens pores, so it’s not a good idea to consume alcohol before getting waxed.
-  Using sun protection is recommended when exposing your skin to the sun and is especially important during the first 24 hours post-waxing in order to avoid redness.
-  Let your waxer know of any medications you’re taking.  If you are under the use of AHA, Renova®, Retin-A® or corticosteroids such as hydro-cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog®, and Elocon® you SHOULD NOT get waxed in the treated areas. If you are under the treatment of Accutane® you should not wax at all.

However… THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL – Choosing the right place to wax! Uni K Wax Centers are centers solely dedicated to waxing and committed to providing you with the most comfortable and hygienic spa-like hair removal experience. Why? Because we have a unique combination of a proprietary all-natural and elastic wax applied at body temperature, exclusive waxing techniques perfected over 20 years, and rigorously trained waxers that you will find only at Uni K Wax Centers.

Make your appointment today and enjoy the 15% off all services and products offered during certain hours.  Receive an additional 2,000 reward points (equal to $2) if you book online. Why wait? Click here to book online now.


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Membership has its Rewards!

This month’s offer, “Share the Love, Refer a Friend”, is great for both the “friend” and the person “sharing”.  Refer a friend and we will give you 10,000 reward points (equal to $10) and your friend gets 10% off his or her first visit.

Our Uni K Rewards Program is growing every year into what we believe is the most “rewarding” in the industry!  Our program is designed to reward you for everything you do at Uni K Wax Centers from booking online to purchasing products and services.  EVERYTHING earns you points!  Simple rule for rewards points: For every 1,000 points you earn you get $1 of value, redeemable on any product or service at your next visit. Easy, right? So, knowing that simple rule, we want to share with you some ways to rack up those points quickly!

-  On your Birthday earn 5,000 reward points.
-  Refer a friend and earn 5,000 reward points.  (This month is double the points)
-  Pre book your appointment and earn 1,000 points.
-  Book online and earn 2,000 points.

The benefits only start there. We are committed to provide even more advantages to our Reward Members. As you may have noticed during January, we rolled out our first email special “one day” promo! In honor of the Grammy Awards, Uni K Rewards Members received 10% off facial waxing services for the day!  The best part of the offer, aside from the 10% off of course, was that you could easily follow a link, book your appointment online, and get 2,000 reward points without even picking up the phone! You will be seeing a lot more of these surprise promotions throughout the year, so if you are not enrolled yet, it’s not too late, sign up at your local Uni k Wax Center… don’t miss any other rewarding opportunities!

Here are some useful things to remember:

1. Enrollment is EASY!  During your next visit to any Uni K Wax Center, make sure the receptionist enrolls you and gives you your card.

2. We have a special rewards program for teens 17 years old and under, the TeenClub, which in addition to the points has the benefit of discounted prices for the most common services for a teen.

3.  ALWAYS bring your Uni K Rewards or TeenClub card to your appointment and give it to the receptionist to scan when you arrive so she can ensure that you receive the appropriate points and avoid duplicate accounts.

4.  It’s FREE!  Yep, enrollment is free and there is no annual fee.  There is no minimum amount of visits and the points never expire!

5.  You can redeem your points at ANY TIME and at ANY Uni K Wax Center!

6.  When you refer a friend, make sure they write your name on the new customer intake form.

7. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer, which means no limits on the rewards you can earn!

Speaking of opportunities, a gentle reminder that February 14th is Valentine’s Day.  What could be a better gift than a gift certificate for a Uni K Wax session? You can go online and purchase a beautiful gift certificate from our web site and choose from a number of designs.  We even have a design specifically for Valentine’s Day!  Just click HERE and get a gift certificate for that someone special. You have the option to email it or print it yourself.

Have a wonderful month and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Everyone at Uni K Wax Centers would like to wish our customers and the readers of this blog a very happy and healthy New Year!  We wish you nothing but success in the year ahead, and of course, smooth and healthy skin!

As readers of this blog know, we always like to have some kind of monthly special as a thank you to our loyal customers.  To start this year with a highlight, we wanted to offer something that will ensure that you will have an entire year’s worth of waxing with this special offer.  During the month of January, if you purchase a Series of 10 of the same type of services, we will add an extra 3 services for free, so that your waxing schedule will carry you into the next year for one low price, as most of our customers wax on average, every three to four weeks. There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a series, rather than scheduling and paying for each service separately each month, when you purchase a series in January, collectively you end up saving even more money throughout the year, on your regular service.

-  You can purchase a series in the store or online.
-  Any type of service form the Menu for Her or Menu for Him can be purchased as a series.
-  A series can be redeemed at any Uni K Wax location in the country.
-  You have 24 months to use up all of your purchased services.
-  You can even use your rewards points to purchase a series.

Ah, those WONDERFUL rewards points! Many new customers became Rewards Members this last year, including the introduction of the TeenClub Reward program, allowing all loyal customers to accumulate rewards points from every purchase.  This year, we are going to be doing even MORE with the Rewards Membership program to deliver even more value to our customers.

Each quarter, you will be receiving a statement giving you your balance of rewards points so that you are better able to track what you have accumulated and how many more points you need to reach to purchase whatever it is that you have set your mind to.  In addition, our Rewards Members will be receiving special emails on a regular basis this year.  These special emails will be for limited time offers.  For example, you might receive an email that lets you know that over the next two days there will be a special price for eyebrows waxing.  Or perhaps over a special holiday weekend you will receive a discount if you spend over a certain dollar amount. So if you have been reading this blog and have STILL not joined the Rewards Program, don’t wait another minute, it’s free! For those of you who are already Rewards Members, stay tuned for those emails, because they may be hitting your inbox sooner than you think!  If you need to update your information and confirm your email address, simply contact your nearest center and provide them with your current details.

Once again, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


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A FREE GIFT to you for the Holidays!

Looking back and looking forward…

It’s the end of the year once again and all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to continue to lead and stay at the forefront of the waxing industry.   When we opened our first center in 1993, we brought to the body waxing industry the unique concept of a professional waxing only center. The innovation only started there, since then we have provided many firsts. We were the first to provide an all natural elastic wax, applied at body temperature. We were the pioneers in the techniques that reduce ingrown hairs, redness, and makes waxing seamlessly ouchless.  We put together a one of a kind comprehensive menu of services for both men and woman. From the beginning and through today we strive to be true to our core principles of providing an all-natural, safe and affordable waxing experience.  After all, those are precisely what sets us apart and attracts our customers.

Staying on top requires forward thinking and a relentless desire to be the best.  CEO and Founder of Uni K Wax, Noemi Grupenmager: “It is not in my nature to stand still.  I always like to look forward and find ways to make our Centers and the waxing experiences they provide even better than they already are.  That’s not an easy task as we have set the bar very high.” During the past year, Uni K Wax has been featured in multiple media outlets for the many “firsts” Uni K Wax keeps bringing to the industry.

Most of our “firsts” this year were geared specifically to improving our customer experience and to providing programs to make waxing even more affordable.

-  We introduced the Unik TeenClub!  A program specially designed to cater to teens waxing needs. The UniK TeenClub offers special pricing for selected services we have identified as the most commonly requested by teens and provides a reward program that allows them to save even more. Read more

-  We added a new technique to give extra comfort to our already “ouchless” waxing process. Three new products were added as part of an additional complimentary service procedure provided before and after select waxing treatments.   The new technique is highly beneficial, especially for those with particularly sensitive skin or those who are prone to ingrown hairs.

-  We made our series not only available online but redeemable at any center and nationwide.

-  We improved our online experience so that our customers can easily shop and book online as well as receive relevant information on services, pricing, hours of operations, promotions, etc.

-  We ran a Facebook contest that had thousands of entries and great positive customer feedback.

In addition to these, a record number of new Centers opened and you can expect a lot more Centers to be opening this year as well.  Noemi Grupenmager is very optimistic about the future growth of Uni K Wax. “2014 will be another great year. We will continue to see more and more Centers opening up throughout the United States and even more innovations. I am very grateful and appreciative for our customers’ loyalty, for the work and dedication of our waxers, our employees and all our franchisees, all of which make it possible to place Uni K Wax at the forefront of the Waxing Industry”. 

Our Holiday gift for you is one free underarms service to be redeemed in January 2014 when you spend $45 or more on services and products during one single visit this December.  Our gift cards or gift certificates make a great Holiday Gift and are available at any Center as well as online or via Facebook.  Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

As we reach the end of 2013 and start 2014, all of us at Uni K Wax are very proud to keep true to our commitments of providing  all-natural, safe, and affordable waxing for both women and men.   From everyone at Uni K Wax Centers, we thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year !

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Movember is here!

Everyone knows that October is filled with the color pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  Pink ribbons, pink shoes, even the National Football League gets into the action by having the players wear pink and the referees throw pink penalty flags.  However, what most people don’t know is that November is becoming a month dedicated to Men’s Health Awareness.  In fact, there is a movement called “Movember” committed to having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. What started in 2003 in Australia as 30 men growing moustaches, or “Mos”, has grown to millions of men around the world growing moustaches to support awareness for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health in the month of November. Since then, this charity foundation has raised more than $446 million globally.



Consider the following facts as an example:

- A man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
- One new case of prostate cancer occurs every 2.2 minutes and a man dies from the disease every 17.5 minutes.
- In the US, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men after skin cancer
- If detected and treated early, prostate cancer has a 97 percent treatment success rate.

On average, men die five years younger than women. The suicide rate is four times higher for men than women and 24% of men are less likely to go to the doctor compared to women.

How can we all take action?

Movember is all about changing the understanding and attitudes men have towards their health. The Mo is Movember’s ribbon, it’s the catalyst for change. The goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the cause.

Part of the funds raised are used to run the annual Movember awareness campaign, which inspires literally billions of conversations.  Funds are also used to create and maintain engaging resources, which educate men on the health risks they face, how to stay healthy and how to take action if they become ill.   Additionally, proceeds are used to fund innovative research to improve clinical tests and treatments for prostate and testicular cancer as well as to improve physical and mental health outcomes for men.

In an effort to begin to change the conversation and focus on the positive outcomes of early detection, Uni K Wax is pleased to partner with Movember to help support their cause in several ways:

1. The“Mo” Special for him -  a full facial wax promotion (excluding the moustache of course) for only $50. This special is available to all men during the month of November except for blackout dates.

2. Uni K Wax will donate 5% of sales from all its Centers preformed during the month of November for the following men’s waxing services: ears, nose, nostrils, and full face.

3. There will also be a donation box placed on the counter of every Uni K Wax Center. These boxes come directly from Movember and we encourage you to make a donation during your next waxing appointment or to simply stop by on your way home or to work and make a donation. These donation boxes will be out throughout the month of November and 100% of the money raised through them will go to Movember.

Uni K Wax is always committed to making a positive impact! We are partnering with Movember to do just that! If you are a man or a woman reading this blog, we urge you to visit www.movember.com so that you can learn more about this organization and share their important information with friends, family, and loved ones.  Please help Uni K Wax support this very important cause and raise awareness for men’s health!


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No Trick, OUR TREAT!

We don’t know what kind of outfit you are planning on wearing this Halloween, but we wanted you to be fully prepared for anything!  With that in mind we are running a special that entitles you to a 15% discount off your total bill when you receive three services during one visit. Depending on the costume, you might want more than three! This October, Sundays through Tuesdays between 2 – 5pm up until and including October 22, ALL men, women and teens, new or returning customers, are eligible for this discount.

This October’s special lends itself to racking up some reward points.  There are a number of ways to build reward points and one of those is getting 10 points for every $1 that you spend.  By taking advantage of this month’s 15% discount, you will be booking three services and not just one, which can help build those reward points quickly.  You can even book the three services on line and get 2,000 additional rewards points.  While you are at it, why not bring a friend to enjoy a 10% discount and receive a further 5,000 rewards points! So make sure to sign up for the free Uni K Rewards Program, if you haven’t yet, and start building up points and save money!


Tips for customers coming in for waxing from Noemi Grupenmager herself!

Question:  Often after any type of facial wax (eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.) and a workout, a breakout usually follows. Is there any way to avoid the breakout without having to skip my sweat session? 

Answer:  A wax session at Uni K Wax will not result in a breakout, so yes there is away to avoid a breakout, visit Uni K Wax Centers.  This is because Uni K Wax uses an all-natural elastic wax, which moisturizes the skin as it gently opens the pores to remove the hair with minimal discomfort, then a soothing chamomile gel is applied on the waxed area.   All of these procedures are unique to Uni K Wax, which is why we can promote that there is no break out following a visit to our centers.  For those who are unable to visit a Uni K Wax Center, there are other things that you can do to minimize breakouts though.  Choose a wax that is not hot, and contains no chemicals, is gentle on the skin and does not cause discomfort.

Sometimes our friends like to tell us some “fun facts” and here are some that you may or may not have known about waxing! (As published on Beauty News LA)

  • -  4000 – 3000 BC: First evidence of total body hair removal in Ancient India
  • -  $30: average cost of bikini wax
  • -  4-5 weeks: between waxing treatments
  • -  77%: number of guys (ages 18-34) who admit to Manscaping
  • -  ¼”: length of hair before hair is ready for waxing treatment
  • -  3-6 minutes: how long to keep at-home hair removal creams on body
  • -  1993: Year the “Brazilian Bikini Wax” was coined by Noemi Grupenmager
  • -  500-1200 nanometers: wavelength of laser in hair removal
  • -  5: number of uses you can get out of a disposable razor blade
  • -  18th century: first modern-day razor created
  • -  33139: zip code of the first waxing-only center (Uni K Wax Center)
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Everyone would like to win a free year of waxing, and THREE lucky Uni K Rewards Members will win that very prize through this month’s competition.  To enter, simply; post a photo of your favorite Center on the Uni K Wax Facebook page, 2,000 rewards points will be credited to your account, share your photo with your friends and ask them to “Like” the picture. The three most “liked” pictures, as at September 30, 2013 at 11.59pm will win!   Also, the Uni K Wax Center with the most votes, will win the Center Of The Year Award which includes a free celebration lunch for the center and customers.

To enter the contest, follow these three easy steps:

1.  “Like” us on www.facebook.com/unikwaxcenters.
2.  Complete the entry form and upload a photo of your favorite Uni K Wax Center.
3.  Receive 2,000 Rewards Points (they will be credited to your account).
4.  Invite your friends to vote for your photo!
5.  Now you are in the running to win, don’t forget to remind your friends through the month to increase your votes

Not a Rewards Member, simply visit any Uni K Wax Center and sign up for free.

We encourage you to have FUN with this contest! Be innovative and creative with the pictures you post and certainly keep them tasteful. We have all posted pictures on Facebook and it’s usually the “cool” pictures that everyone “likes”. Also, you do need to identify the location of the Center where you took the picture, so your friends know where you go to wax, they may even join you for their waxing experience.  If your friends do join you, you will receive the “refer a friend” 5,000 bonus rewards points and they will receive 10% off their first visit.

Also the Uni K Wax Center with the most votes of all the centers, as provided by you our customers from your facebook entry, will win the Uni K Wax Center Of The Year As Voted By The Customer.  So don’t forget to support your local center.  The winning center will receive a trophy to display all year and celebration lunch which all customers are invited to.

Details of the THREE FREE Waxing for a year prizes:

The Uni K Rewards Member whose photo gets the MOST votes will receive $70 worth of waxing services each month, for 12 months! The Member who comes in second will get $50 worth of waxing services each month, for 12 months, and the Member who receives the third most votes will get $40 per month worth of waxing services each month, for 12 months.  Teen Club members are also eligible to compete in this contest. Should a TeenClub member win, they can use their prize on the services provided in the TeenClub Menu. (http://www.unikwax.com/waxing-services/uni-k-teenclub/)

There are more than just Three Winners, in fact EVERYONE wins by simply posting a photo.  There is no limit to the amount of photos you can post.  Like we said before, have fun!  For each of the first three photos you post, you will receive 2,000 Rewards points for each photo. That’s 6,000 Rewards points JUST for posting 3 cool photos of your favorite Center! Again, you can post as many photos as you like, but we must limit the Rewards points to a total of 6,000.

Also, increase your Rewards points through the “Refer a Friend” program.  If you ask your friend to vote for your picture and that friend goes to a Uni K Wax Center for the first time, the friend receives 10% off their first visit, you get 5,000 Rewards points, AND you are getting a vote for the contest.  Just make sure your friend writes your name in the intake form on their first visit.

Voting will take place between 12 AM, September 1st, 2013 and 11:59 PM, September 30, 2013.  The Three winners will be contacted shortly afterwards and will be able to start using their prizes in October, 2013.

We are very excited about this month’s Facebook Photo Contest and are looking forward to seeing your UNIQUE pictures of our UNI K Wax Centers!

For further details on this competition, visit www.unikwax.com/sweepstakes/


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Everyone deserves a gift from time to time! As we are enjoying the warmth and fun of summertime, Uni K Wax thought it would be a great time to thank you for being a customer and a Uni K Rewards or TeenClub member, with a free gift, to help you extend the sensational summer feeling on your skin.  The kind you feel after a Uni K Wax.  

Simply spend $45 or more in services during a single visit in August, and redeem one of the following services for free in September:

   > Underarms (him/her/teen)
   > Upper Lip (her/teen)
   > Nostrils (her/him)

Even better… this offer is not limited to just one appointment during the month!  If you visit twice and spend $45 or more during each visit, you will earn two free gifts in September.

We have more great news!  Starting August, we are introducing a new technique to add extra comfort to our already “ouchless” waxing process.   Your waxer has the details on the benefits of this new process, and has undertaken new training on this wonderful procedure.

Three new products will become part of an additional complimentary service procedure provided before and after select waxing treatments.  Customers will enjoy an even more pleasant experience, both during and after a service.   Our new technique is highly beneficial, especially for those with particularly sensitive skin or those who are prone to ingrown hairs. Once again, Uni K Wax brings to its customers another industry first, with you in mind!

This new technique includes a simple three step process…

  1. 1.       An individual intimate wet wipe is given to each customer, before their bikini wax or buttocks strip service begins, to wipe the area to be waxed, for an additional level of hygiene and cleanliness.
  1. 2.       An individual, instant and disposable cold pack is given to each customer who is having any Bikini Wax or Full Face Wax (including touch-up).  The cold pack is placed on the waxed area and helps to calm sensitive skin, by contracting the pores, it also prevents bacteria from entering and ingrown hairs from forming.
  1. 3.       A Post depilatory gel for bikini waxing made from cool and calming cucumber, chamomile and calendula extract, to comfort, refresh and hydrate. The gel is another helpful way of preventing future growth of ingrown hairs.  After applying the gel you will feel even more relaxed with silky, soft skin, as you leave Uni K Wax Centers.

We are very proud to keep providing new techniques, services and products to make waxing enjoyable, safe and hygienic for everyone!  This new technique is simply the latest in a string of industry innovations from the original natural elastic wax in the “Wax Only” Center!


Please note: The following Uni K Wax Centers will be implementing the new technique as follows:
Florida – All Centers, August 1, 2013.
New York – Upper East Side and Murray Hill, August 1, 2013.
Astoria, Bay Ridge, Flatiron and Wantagh, August 3, 2013.
California – August 6, 2013.




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