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Celebrity Brows

Celebrities spend so much time and money on perfecting their looks and many of our customers even bring in photos of their favorite stars as inspiration for their desired brow shape.

Uni K Wax Centers has made choosing your best brow shape even easier with our gallery of celebrity looks that include Eva Longoria Parker, Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks and Christie Turlington.

Our Celebrity Brow shapes are quickly becoming a very popular service. Using our unique Celebrity Brow stencils, shadows and eyebrow tools, our experts will even show you how to maintain your new polished look at home.

Top celebrity makeup artists and stylists also recognize that proper eyebrow shapes are more than a simple facial feature. Eyebrows highlight the most dramatic and expressive part of the body, your beautiful face.

The Celebrity Brow service was created to provide our customers with an affordable luxury. Our Celebrity Brow Kit for at home maintanence is available at Uni K Wax Centers.