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Waxing lovers! Stay silky smooth and hair free at the same time!

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Join the K Club

Get unlimited bikini & Brazilians, or commando natural waxing services all month long!

Staying hair-free and silky smooth has never been easier or more affordable.

  • Eliminate unwanted hair
  • No more stubble between waxes
  • Unlimited bikini or commando touch-ups
  • Natural wax, personal wax warmer
  • No annual contracts; cancel any time
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Your savings just got BIGGER​

Stay silky smooth and save even more with K Packs


Buy 6 of the same service
and get 1 Free!




Buy 10 and get 2

Any waxing service, any location. Buy online and save.

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There’s beauty and then there’s K Beauty

Natural products to pamper your skin pre-waxing treatment and post. Yes, you can keep that Uni K smooth feeling every day with K Beauty. 

Get the most out of your natural waxing service with the K Beauty Exfoliating Scrub and Exfoliating Brush. It’s the perfect prep for your waxing service. Then nourish your skin daily with our aloe or hydrating body lotion. They’re the key to 24/7 smooth from head to toe. Use after your waxing service and every day for silky, smooth, touchable skin.

A collection of skincare products from Uni K Wax Studio, including Hydrating Body Lotion, Bikini Balm, Ingrown Hair Serum, Aloe Body Lotion, and Body Scrub, displayed with a body brush. The bottles are primarily green with white and gold labels.

Personal Wax Warmer Guarantee

There’s no double or triple dipping at Uni K Wax. No way! When you arrive for you bikini waxing service, your legs, underarms, full body, commando, brows or any other hair removal waxing service, your natural wax and your wax warmer are prepared just for you.

One customer, one warmer.
A standard of excellence you’ll only find at Uni K Wax.

Why risk using harmful synthetic plastic and chemical-based waxes when you can experience the one and only pine resin-based natural wax at Uni K?

It’s the Elasti K™ wax everyone is talking about because:

 – It’s gentler on even the most sensitive skin

– Is safer than synthetic waxes

– It allows for touch-ups

– It’s applied at body temperature

– And is so comfortable you won’t believe it’s working! (But, it is!)

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Guys, Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, you always benefit from a pulled-together groomed look. Don’t believe us? It’s hard to argue with these facts: 72% of women prefer personal grooming

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