The Top Self-Care Trend for 2024 May Surprise You

According to Shape magazine, self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself on a daily or weekly basis. You know that, right? It’s what keeps your mind, body, and soul feeling cared for so you can go out there and conquer your world!

Well, are you ready for the number one trend in 2024? Shape says self-care means body care. For too many years, it’s been all about the face, and that part of our bodies has gotten all the love. But did you know that the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report has body care posts up a whopping 1,025 percent.

Self-care is body care. And body care is ultimate care at Uni K Wax.

We have to ask… have you ever had a body treatment at Uni K Wax? Sure, maybe you’ve done bikini waxing—it’s the most popular—but have you experienced how pampered and smooth your skin becomes from body waxing? Try a package to add legs and underarms to your next bikini visit. It’s the instant pick-me-up you deserve. You’re going to LOVE it!
Did you know men who wax look ten years younger than men who don’t?

Men, we’re talking to you too. Sure, you may never miss your commando waxing, but give this a shot. Go for chest, back, legs, arms, and hands. You won’t believe how hot (sorry, had to say it!) you look and how fantastic your skin feels.

It’s Time to Claim Your ME Time

Have you ever had a conversation with someone? And wow! All of a sudden, you see things in a whole new light. Well, that happened when we talked with Karla, a long-time Uni K Wax fan. We asked her what she loves most about Uni K Wax, and she said, “Sure, it’s the natural wax and the cleanliness of the studios and the way my skin feels post-treatment.” All the things you probably love, too. But then, she mentioned something else. “It’s my ME time.”

It’s okay to put yourself first with a little self-care.

Are we right? It’s all too easy to do everything for everyone else and forget about yourself. But walk into a Uni K Wax, and that little slice of self-care time is all yours. No cell phones buzzing, no babies crying, no bosses bugging you. Leave your worries at the door. It’s your ME time. Claim it! You deserve it.

Make 2024 Your Year

It’s 2024, but of course you know that! What you might not know is that 2024 is YOUR YEAR! Yes, you can make that claim right now. And decide what it means in your life and your world. Maybe you’re going to rock your career, or your relationships or your health. Or… maybe you want to own your beauty and your confidence!

Did you know….
Beauty and living the life you want go hand in hand.

When you feel beautiful you feel better about yourself. That bolsters your self-esteem, your confidence and allows you to achieve more!

Let your Uni K friends help plan your beauty and confidence journey in 2024 with K Club Unlimited Bikini Membership! And if you’re not sure yet, our money-saving K Packs.

Ring in the NEW YEAR bolder and better than ever!

You already are a Uni K Wax fan, so why not share your magically smooth secret with your friends? When you do, you may just find 2024 to be your year of savings on all things waxing! That’s because every time a friend you refer completes a service, you get $15 toward a service of your own. That can add up!

Did you know some of our best referrers wax almost for free? That could be you!

It’s so easy, too. Just download the Uni K Wax app (if you don’t already have it!) and click “Referral.” You’ll see your personal referral code, and you can “Share” right from the app!

Here’s another secret… are you ready?

For a limited time, your friend will get not just 15% off the first visit but 50% off! 

Start the new year off BIG! And start referring your way to forever smooth!

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