7 Tips For Keeping Up Your Waxing Routine In The Winter

For those of us that participate in regular hair removal, one of the nice parts about winter is that we can just stop (or at least prolong the time between shaves). But if waxing is your method of choice during the warmer months, you may actually want to keep up your waxing routine in the winter as well. To find out why, along with some tips to make it easier during the colder months, I emailed with an expert.

Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers, let me in on why maintaining your waxing routine in the winter is just as important as maintaining it during the summer. According to Grupenmager, “By maintaining regular waxes year-round, you are doing your skin justice in the long run because waxing weakens the hair follicle, causing hair to grow back slower, lighter, and thinner over time.” Therefore, by neglecting to wax according to your regular schedule over the winter, you could risk losing these benefits. And by the time summer rolls around again, waxing could be just as painful as when you started. So to help maintain your waxing routine even when you’d rather be hibernating, here are seven tips to make the process easier.

Check out the list in full here…

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