Uni K Wax Studio Open in Jersey City

Face and Body Waxing Specialists to Service Jersey City


Jersey City, NJ/USA – October 29, 2018 Uni K Wax Studios, the hair removal waxing specialists, has opened its third New Jersey location. This convenient Studio is located at 160 Morgan Street in Jersey City, NJ. New customers receive one complimentary waxing service. Ladies have the opportunity to pick one of the following: a bikini line, underarm, or upper lip waxing and gentlemen may choose one of the following: shoulders, commando line or nostrils waxing or 10% off on most services.

This Uni K Wax Studio’s hours of operation are from 8 am to 8 pm on Monday through Friday; Saturday 9:30am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 10 am to 7 pm. Those interested in scheduling an appointment can call Uni K Wax Studio at 201.268-3878 or book online at www.unikwax.com.

A pioneer in her field, their founder Noemi Grupenmager had a vision that revolutionized the beauty industry, bringing hair removal from afterthought to routine beauty practice. Underwhelmed by her experiences, Noemi made it her mission to create a waxing-only salon for both women and men that was hygienically pristine, completely approachable and a one-of-a-kind business. In 1993, she opened the first-ever unisex waxing Studio in South Beach and within six months the salon was servicing 200 customers a day.

Uni K Wax Studios are devoted to the art of natural and safe hair removal in a clean and comfortable environment.  Offering both walk-in and by appointment service to both male and female clients; Uni K Wax is a greener waxing experience in facial and full body waxing, using an innovative natural, gluten-free wax that completely removes hair without wasteful and painful paper strips.

One of their secrets to creating the most comfortable waxing experience is their proprietary ElastiKWax® formula. Created for optimal comfort on even the most sensitive skin.  Their pine-based wax is completely natural and made with pure, honest ingredients. Applied at body temperature, it exfoliates and moisturizes, while its flexible elasticity adheres directly to the hair, leaving only smooth skin behind. A friend to all skins, their wax is gluten-free and about as gentle as it can get.

With over 180 different waxing services, their wax is safe to use on every part of the body (with the exception of the head) so anyone can realize the smooth skin they desire.

Uni K Wax One Wax Guarantee. Their lab is the very heart of their natural wax Studio, where the pristine preparation of their wax takes place. One customer. One appointment. One wax warmer.  Their uncompromising attention to hygienic detail is beyond compare—they firmly believe in no double-dipping! After each appointment, every wax warmer is returned to the lab, where it’s sanitized and prepared for the next customer.

Visit www.unikwax.com to schedule your next appointment, shop for products, purchase gift certificates as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter @unikwaxstudios

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