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Bay Ridge

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All the struggles of maintaining your personal care routine are history because, at Uni K Natural Wax’s Bay Ridge studio, we’ve made everything simpler. No more looking in the mirror and wishing. With Uni K’s natural waxing studio in Bay Ridge, it’s so easy to get the silky smooth legs, hair-free arms, perfectly shaped brows, clean underarms, and flawlessly groomed bikini, Brazilian, and commando areas you long for. Our waxing experts in Bay Ridge are skilled at giving you fantastic results that will make you feel and look your absolute best. You’ll be filled with confidence to take on your world.

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8522 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11209
Mobile Check In: Yes
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Have you heard about our exclusive Personal Wax Warmer Guarantee?

It’s one of a kind. Our Personal Wax Warmer Guarantee. Only at Uni K Natural Wax is your personal wax warmer prepared in our Wax Lab and waiting for you. We guarantee one customer, one wax warmer, no double-dipping, ever. At Uni K Natural Wax in Bay Ridge, cleanliness is a priority and a promise.


Proprietary wax and expert service keep people coming back to Uni K Natural Wax in Bay Ridge.

What sets Uni K Natural Waxing Studio apart is our expertise and our commitment to using only our proprietary pine resin-based natural wax. Other studios use chemical-based wax that can pose risks. And the same goes for those messy hair removal creams. Wax with Uni K, and you’ll find our wax contains no plastics, is gluten and paraben-free, and is comfortably applied at body temperature. The next time you need a Brazilian, bikini, commando, facial, or full-body waxing, put the razor away. It’s so time-consuming and you know the truth. You’ll shave today and be shaving again tomorrow because unlike waxing that removes hair root and all, shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. Twenty-four hours later, you’re left with stubble. When you visit the Uni K studio in Bay Ridge, it’s all about freedom! Ahhh!

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Want unlimited monthly Bikini or Commando waxing services?

Become a K Club Member and for the price of one waxing service, you get unlimited Brazilian or Commando waxing services all month long. That includes touch ups so at last you can be stubble free!

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Self-care is a good thing, healthy for you, and perhaps long overdue.

Life can get pretty busy, Take some time for a little self-care and some well-deserved pampering. You absolutely deserve it! That’s where Uni K comes in. We’ll make your service the “me-time” you’ve been missing. And that fantastic hair-free, irresistibly smooth feeling will last for weeks. Embrace life to the fullest, and it all starts at Uni K.

Feeling beautiful means feeling confident. Bay Ridge Uni K Natural Waxing Studio can be your beauty partner. Keep up your regular waxing routine so you’re ready for anything, including an evening soiree that calls for your little black dress and a little more skin. No need to worry. You’ve been to Uni K, so you’re set. It’s a proven fact: When you look in the mirror and like what you see, when you feel great, your confidence skyrockets. Yes, you can conquer anything that comes your way, including that last-minute invitation. Visit Uni K Natural Wax Bay Ridge and you got this! Waxing equals confidence.

Waxing lovers! Stay silky smooth and hair free at the same time!

A gold wax seal with the text "uniKwax CLUB" embossed on it. The seal has a wavy, irregular edge, and a shiny, metallic appearance.

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Staying hair-free and silky smooth has never been easier or more affordable. Get unlimited bikini or commando natural waxing services all month long!


  • Eliminate unwanted hair
  • No more stubble between waxes
  • Unlimited bikini or commando touch-ups
  • Natural wax, personal wax warmer
  • No annual contracts; cancel any time

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Any waxing service, any location. Buy online and save.

Make your beauty dollar go farther at Uni K in Bay Ridge.

New to Uni K Natural Wax? Then, take 50% off any service on your first visit! We really want you to fall in love with natural waxing. When you do, you’ll never want to go anywhere else. It’s just so much more effective, and the service is more comfortable. You’re going to love it.

Join our K Club. A monthly membership that includes bikini or commando waxes and as many touch-ups as you like. You’ll be smooth all month long! Save money every time you wax with K Packs, which include 6 or 10 waxing sessions. Free waxes are part of every pack, and you can use them whenever you like.

You’ll love your skin, so be sure to keep the glow with K Beauty, our natural line of natural skin care products. They are magic!

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Groomed guys are always in style, and yes, look amazing!

There’s no doubt about it. Good grooming is always in style and always the foundation for a pulled-together look. So, if you’ve been thinking about waxing or you’re a regular, visit us at Uni K and experience the difference. Your next commando chest, back, ears, nostrils, facial hair, service, in fact, any service will be unlike any you have had before. And if it’s you’re first time, you will be pleasantly surprised thanks to our proprietary natural wax and our team of skilled waxers. Experience smoother skin, longer-lasting results, and reduced hair regrowth with every visit. So kiss goodbye shaving hassles, and annoying daily stubble. There’s a new way to look and feel your best. It’s Uni K in Bay Ridge!

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Be sure to refer a friend, and you get $15; your friend saves too.

If you enjoyed your service, take time to tell your friends about it. They may be looking for a place for their Brazilian, bikini, back, chest, underarms, leg, full-body, or other hair removal services. When your friend visits us, you get $15 in your account, and your friend saves money on a first service, too.  It’s a great way to save and share how much you love Uni K.

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Natasha I.

Space was clean, the person at the front desk was polite and pleasant. My waxer was very nice and attentive. I usually go sugaring, so I expected it to feel much worse but this process was gentle and effective.

Megi D.

The service was nearly painless, efficient, and the aftercare was commendable. Sonia’s light touch made the overall experience comfortable.

Diamond X.

Uni K made my visit so comfortable! A quick and easy process that left me feeling very secure in and out of the store. A good staff with a very clean and tidy environment. Highly recommend their services. :)
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New to Uni K Wax?

Get 50% off your first service.

Use promo code: NEW50ALL

Local residents only. ID required. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for one service only. Neck-to-toe and packages are not included. Offer valid for new customers only.