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Reviews do say it all. And it’s always good to take a look. At Uni K Natural Wax in Jersey City we love that because we are always rated at the top for our waxing services. Wonder why? It’s because people want natural, and Uni K Natural Wax is all about natural. The difference is something everyone has to experience. Now, women, men, and teens can be hair-free, confident, and assured, whether it’s a Brazilian, bikini, legs, arms, commando, full-body, brow, nostrils, ears, or other facial service. Our Jersey City studio is the place that can get you hair-free and glowing from head to toe, naturally. Experience the magic of healthy, silky-smooth razor stubble-free skin. At Uni K Natural Wax Jersey City, we’re more than just a waxing studio. We help you look and feel your best.

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332 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302
Mobile Check In: Yes
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Lower leg, bikini, underarm
Full leg, bikini, underarm


Full Torso (Includes back, shoulders, chest, stomach)
Ears & Nostrils

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You’ll love our Personal Wax Warmer Guarantee.

Visit Uni K Natural Wax Jersey City, and you’ll notice your Personal Wax Warmer that comes straight from our Wax Lab just before your service. It’s our guarantee to you: one customer, one wax warmer, and a waxing service personalized to your needs. The process is hygienic and sanitary from start to finish. That’s really important here. Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness is a top priority, and that’s why there’s no double-dipping at any Uni K Natural Wax, including Jersey City.

At Uni K Jersey City, natural waxing is preferred over all other methods of hair removal.

Waxing is all about removing hair, but for people in the know, it’s waxing’s many other benefits that make it the preferred method for getting rid of unwanted hair. Yes, it does more than just remove hair, it leaves your skin absolutely glowing. It’s like laser resurfacing but for a whole lot less money. That’s why it’s so popular. Shaving just cuts the hair at the skin’s surface. Then, you’re left with stubble the very next day. Daily shaving. It’s a time intensive a continual battle. And creams aren’t much better. They’re messy and filled with harsh, dangerous chemicals that can’t be good for you. And the results are iffy. Do you really want your skin absorbing all that? Instead, wax with Uni K’s pine resin-based natural wax and the hair is gone for weeks. No harsh chemicals are being absorbed by your skin like at other waxing places. And it’s gluten and paraben-free, too. Wax consistently, and you’ll see your hair grow finer and slower. Do you want to get that glow practically maintenance-free? Healthy skin? No harsh chemicals? Then, waxing at Jersey City Uni K is the natural choice.

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Become a K Club Member and for the price of one waxing service, you get unlimited Brazilian or Commando waxing services all month long. That includes touch ups so at last you can be stubble free!

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“Me-time” is so delightful at Uni K Natural Wax, and adventures await.

Here’s a health tip for you. It’s important to take time for yourself. Health professionals agree. The trouble is, if you’re like so many of us, it’s hard to put yourself first. The good news? You can add some healthy “me-time” with a click! Book a service at Uni K Natural Wax Jersey City, and enjoy the self-care that may be missing in your life. The time will be worth it, relaxing, and you’ll leave with a new perspective, ready to conquer your world! That’s how it works. You’ll feel recharged and ready for anything. Why not go for it? Life is full of surprises, and you never know when your weekend chores turn into something that requires more than sweats! Why scramble? Be ready to bare a little more skin anytime. Just say, “Yes,” with confidence. Waxing regularly at Uni K gives you the ultimate flexibility to live life to the fullest.

Waxing lovers! Stay silky smooth and hair free at the same time!

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Staying hair-free and silky smooth has never been easier or more affordable. Get unlimited bikini or commando natural waxing services all month long!


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  • Natural wax, personal wax warmer
  • No annual contracts; cancel any time

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Let’s get you the smooth, hair-free, beautiful skin you crave without breaking the bank!

Here’s what you need to know about our Uni K Natural Wax studio in Jersey City. First-timers, you’ll receive an incredible 50% off your very first service. It’s our way of introducing you to the wonders of our natural waxing experience. Once you experience the magic of natural, we’re confident you’ll want to return again and again.

Uni K fans, join our K Club and get unlimited bikini or commando waxes all month long. No more stray hairs ever. Come in for touch-ups anytime! Unlike other waxes, our natural wax means touch-ups work.

You’re going to fall in love with your waxing results, so when you do, buy a K Pack! They are packages of 6 or 10 waxing sessions, and you get free waxes when you do. Hair-free, beautiful skin has never been easier or more affordable. Total savings!

Then, maintain and nourish your skin every day with our line of natural skin care products, K Beauty.

Join us at Uni K Natural Wax Jersey City. Smooth, beautiful skin awaits!

Grooming for guys at Uni K Jersey City is a natural.

From commando to chest, back, facial hair, ears, nostrils, and beyond, make Uni K your first stop. Did you know that a groomed, clean back, chest, arms, and more can take years off your age? It’s a quick way to look and feel more youthful and energetic. Plus, you’re going to look amazing! And who doesn’t want that? You get smooth skin, results that last, and far less hair regrowth with every visit. Competitive athletes and anyone into fitness know the benefits of a smooth, hair-free physique. But, OMG, put down the razor and save yourself the time and trouble, not to mention nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and stubble. Wax and be done.
Maybe you have sensitive skin? No worries. Our gluten and paraben-free pine resin-based natural wax is super gentle. Wouldn’t you love to kiss goodbye to the hassle of shaving? Let the pros at Uni K Jersey City simplify your morning routine, and you pour an extra cup of coffee.

Yes! Refer a friend, and get $15. Your friend gets a big first time discount.

Uni K Natural Wax has been built by people who love us, love our wax, love our process, and love their results. So they tell their friends. It feels great to know we’re helping so many people look and feel their most confident best. So join the millions who have referred us to their friends. When you do, we make sure you’re rewarded. And you’re going to love this, we’ll give you $15 to use on your future services. Tell enough friends, and you may never have to pay for waxing again! Did we mention your friends get a nice discount on that first service, too? Well, they do!

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Love your waxing? Leave a review!

Marvin K.

Today was my first visit. From the nice person at the reception desk, as well as my waxer Nicole. I was very pleased with my whole experience. The establishment is clean and welcoming. Nicole is very attentive, patient, and detail oriented. I will definitely be back!!!

Lauren F.

My esthetician was super nice! It was my first time getting a wax while being pregnant, and to make me feel more comfortable and at ease she talked to me the entire way through. I’ll definitely be coming back soon 🙂

Ali D.

I love it here. As soon as you enter the room they have wipes for you to freshen up. There is also a fan which I find helpful and soothing. I get a full brazilian with Nicole. She is the best I’ve ever had, quick, efficient, minimal pain, and always so welcoming. I recommend her 100%.
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Local residents only. ID required. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for one service only. Neck-to-toe and packages are not included. Offer valid for new customers only.