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Let’s make maintaining your personal hair removal routine super easy with at Uni K Natural Wax Studio on the Lower East Side. You’ll never have to look at yourself and wish you could just get rid of that pesky hair and forget about it. Our natural waxing services can help you achieve silky smooth legs, hair-free arms, perfectly shaped brows, clean underarms, and a flawlessly groomed bikini, Brazilian, or commando service. Our waxing experts on the Lower East Side want nothing more than for you to look and feel fantastic.  Step into our Uni K Natural Wax Studio on the Lower East Side and step out with 100% self-confidence! We’re your ally in your beauty, strength, and success!

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How about a Personal Wax Warmer Guarantee?

Exclusively at Uni K Natural Wax! When you walk into our Lower East Side studio, your very own wax warmer prepared with wax for your service is ready and waiting for you. It’s the ultimate in personalized experiences. And it takes cleanliness to a whole new level one customer, on warmer. That’s our guarantee. No double dipping and no sharing wax like at other waxing places. Our standards go far beyond what you’ll get anywhere else.

Everyone loves waxing at Uni K Natural Wax on the Lower East Side.

Nothing else beats waxing because when it comes to hair removal, there are just so many benefits. First, unlike shaving, which is a daily grind and only removes hair from the skin surface, waxing removes hair from the root. You get long-lasting, smooth skin and no nicks and cuts.  Plus, the more consistently you wax, the slower and finer your hair grows back Our waxing service customers tell us all the time that their sessions keep getting more and more effective. Then there are hair removal creams, which are messy and contain harsh chemicals you would not want to put on your skin. Waxing at Uni K is a natural, chemical-free alternative with a pine resin-based wax that’s more comfortable because we apply it at body temperature. It’s gentle and exfoliates your skin. Ready to get going, ready to get glowing?

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Become a K Club Member and for the price of one waxing service, you get unlimited Brazilian or Commando waxing services all month long. That includes touch ups so at last you can be stubble free!

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Confidence, achievement, and feeling beautiful go hand in hand, so take a little “me-time.”

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to forget to give yourself some TLC. Here’s a tip. Give yourself some well-deserved “me-time” no matter how full your schedule is. That’s where our waxing services at Uni K Natural Wax Lower East Side come into play. Say so long to unwanted hair and treat yourself to a mini chill session at the same time. Escape, kick back, relax, and emerge feeling like a million bucks. When you’re ready for your next Brazilian, bikini, commando, legs, arms, back chest, face, brow, or even full-body waxing, we’re your destination! Let’s team up! Enhance your natural beauty. Boost your confidence. Be ready for anything. You’ll see, a little “me-time” goes a long way, and you deserve every minute of it!

Waxing lovers! Stay silky smooth and hair free at the same time!

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Staying hair-free and silky smooth has never been easier or more affordable. Get unlimited bikini or commando natural waxing services all month long!


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Uni K Natural Wax is where your journey to smooth, beautiful skin begins!

First-timers, get an incredible 50% off your very first service. You’re going to love the wonders of our natural waxing experience so much you’ll be back again and again.

More savings are yours with our K Packs – packages of 6 or 10 of the same waxing service, with free waxes in each pack. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about enjoying the benefits of our natural waxing experience while keeping your skin happy and healthy and you feeling ready for anything.

Or come as often as you like when you join our K Club bikini or commando membership That’s right. You get unlimited waxes all month long, so do come in for regular touch-ups. Unlike other waxes, our natural wax makes touch-ups possible.

One last thing, be sure to maintain your healthy skin every day with our line of natural skincare, K Beauty.

Get your groom on, guys, at Uni K Lower East Side.

There’s nothing like natural wax, and our process is so much more comfortable. So go for that commando or chest, back, facial hair, ears, nostrils, and beyond, head to toe if you want it. Getting your groom on is a natural at Uni K Lower East Side. Did you know that a hair-free manscaped look can take ten years off your age? That’s a plus. Better still, you get smooth, kissable skin, along with results that last, with less hair regrowth the more consistently you wax. Concerned about sensitive skin? Don’t be. Our gluten and paraben-free pine resin-based natural wax delivers an experience that’s gentle experience with zero irritation. And wave goodbye to the hassle of shaving and five o’clock shadow – with Uni K Lower East Side, your morning routine just got a whole lot easier.

Go ahead and tell your friends about Uni K Natural Wax on the Lower East Side.

Whatever your service, a Brazilian, bikini, leg, back, chest, underarm, or full body hair removal, our expert team at Uni K Natural Wax Lower East Side will make sure your visit is nothing short of fantastic. With years of experience and a passion for waxing perfection, our waxers will give your skin a glorious glow that you won’t believe until you see and feel it. But here’s the best part – when you’re feeling fabulous, you can’t help but tell your BFFs. It’s so worth it because, for every friend who gets a service, we’ll credit your account $15 for each referral! And your friends get a big discount too.

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Domo E.

I have come here for a while and I love this place better than European wax center!! I would ALWAYSSSSS have ingrowns every time I went to ewc which made me realize that the wax is too harsh. I’ve never had that issue here.

Dontaysia T.

Great service very very professional. Fast easy and painless. 10/10 I definitely recommend. 😍

Nicole A.

Stopped in for a quick underarm wax and love this place. Friendly, quick service and the wax is made for sensitive skin, it was easy and smooth to remove without any pull and it wasn’t too warm. Great special for new customers which was a nice surprise.
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Local residents only. ID required. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for one service only. Neck-to-toe and packages are not included. Offer valid for new customers only.